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May 10, 2017

Webinar Review: Key Strategies for Adopting Transparency and Increasing Consumer Engagement

By: John McFeely

In case you missed it, Greystone.net – creators of the Healthcare Internet Conference – hosted a webinar, Key Strategies for Adopting Transparency and Increasing Health Consumer Engagement. Guest presenters offered advice for healthcare organizations looking to become a more trusted voice in the physician select process and provided recommended practices on implementing and managing a successful transparency initiative. We heard from Kasey Duffy, Regional Marketing Director and Blake Long, Marketing Manager from UnityPoint Health, along with EVP of Strategy at Binary Fountain, Andrew Rainey, and Anne Stern, Press Ganey’s Vice President of Strategic & Product Marketing. Here were some of the key takeaways:

UnityPoint Health, one of the nation’s most integrated health systems, underwent a transparency initiative with the objectives of improving the consumer and patient experience.

During the webinar, UnityPoint Health emphasized aligning your transparency initiative with overall business strategy. Taking this approach, UnityPoint Health created measurable goals to help them define success – and work toward achieving. Since launching the program, UnityPoint Health has seen physician communications scores increase. They’ve also seen prospective patients spending 50% more time on provider profile pages, while providers with reviews are now receiving nearly 75% of their online appointment requests.

Generating Organization-wide Support and Buy-in

According to Binary Fountain’s latest eBook, The Essential Guide to Transparency and one of its co-authors, Andrew Rainey, gaining physician buy-in is a top priority for many healthcare organizations. Having an executive or physician sponsor champion the initiative can ensure everyone in the practice is on the same page. In fact, Blake and Kasey stressed the importance of this. For UnityPoint Health, their physician champion was the face of the program to their physicians and also provided guidance and support throughout.

More essential steps to transparency initiative buy-in include:

  • Defining how transparency works and its value.
  • Sharing case studies and best practices.
  • Sharing survey scores and feedback.
  • Implementing an internal soft launch.

However, getting buy-in is just the beginning. Transparency is an ongoing process and while someone from the marketing or the patient experience department typically drives the initiative, it requires a team of dedicated professionals to keep the ball rolling.

All in all, healthcare organizations need to prioritize transforming their physician directory pages into an engaging experience that informs and guides consumer decision making. Healthcare practices must ensure ratings are objective, standardized and trustworthy evaluations of the patient experience in order to build patient acquisition and loyalty.

To learn more, listen to the recorded version of this webinar or read our in-depth interview with UnityPoint Health here.

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