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FRC achieves 24% response rate, 3,200 completed patient surveys per month

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Fairfax Radiological Consultants (FRC) is the largest private radiology practice in the Washington, DC metro area with 20 outpatient imaging facilities conveniently located in Northern VA and 78 board-certified radiologists in all sub-specialties. In 2015, FRC chose Binary Fountain to send patient surveys after point of care via email and provide analysis on the results.

The Challenge

For years, FRC sent paper surveys to patients following an office visit or procedure. The paper surveys presented many challenges including low response rates, latency receiving results, and difficulty analyzing responses. With the paper surveys, staff manually reviewed individual surveys to assess patient satisfaction, a process that the staff found overwhelming. FRC needed a survey and analytics solution to promptly issue, receive and analyze patient survey responses to enable staff to take action.

The Solution

With Binary Fountain, FRC customized structured survey questions and included an open-ended question for patients to provide free‐form comments. FRC patients now receive surveys via email on the same day as their appointment. The results are available in real‐time within the Binary Fountain dashboard.

Results: High volume of surveys and response rates

FRC achieves a 24% response rate which far exceeds their initial goal of 10%. They also receive more than 3,200 completed surveys per month with over 1,100 free‐form comments. Janet Hoffman, the Director of Professional Operations, Risk Management, and Patient Experience at FRC describes the testimonials as, “one of the best parts for us. I’ve been surprised by the length of the comments. With the paper survey, patients had only two lines.”

In Practice: Quickly respond to patients

FRC practice managers receive alerts for negative surveys that receive a score below a 2.5 on 5‐point scale. Through the Binary Fountain dashboard, practice managers can respond to patients to resolve issues and turn negative experiences into positive ones. For extremely positive reviews, practice managers send a thank you to patients letting them know that the comment has been shared with staff.

Make operational changes

FRC staff found that patients who experience long waiting times have low patient satisfaction. If there is a wait, front desk now proactively apologize to patients and explain why there is a delay, which has resulted in improved patient satisfaction. In another case, practice managers received complaints that offices did not stock extra‐large gowns. This prompted an action stock more robes. Soon after, FRC received feedback from a patient who had a positive experience with the practice because he had a gown that t.

Communicate feedback

At management meetings, FRC reviews a report tracking the total number of surveys, the response rate, and the overall Patient Feedback Score of the comments. In addition, a staff member chooses a number between 1 and 31. All of the comments received on that particular day are read aloud to the group. At the monthly office manager meeting, staff similarly review a performance report based on survey feedback just for their center. A staff member picks a date and reads the positive comments.

Recognize and motivate employees

FRC’s management created the ‘Cornerstone award’ to recognize the employee with the most positive survey comments. On a quarterly basis, one employee receives a $100 gift card and the entire office celebrates with a pizza party.

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