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Binary Health Analytics

Healthcare Reputation Management = Improving Patient Experience.

“Binary Health Analytics makes patient feedback powerful. We can identify and act on patient insights from online reviews and surveys, helping us improve online patient engagement and impact patient experience at our centers.”
Richard Palumbo, VP of Marketing – Ambulatory, AMSURG

Binary Health Analytics provides healthcare systems, hospitals and physician practices a complete view into managing patient feedback from online ratings and reviews and surveys. It continuously mines feedback for sentiment, uncovering timely, actionable insights. Its management tools help turn these insights into an opportunity to increase patient engagement, manage reputation and improve patient experience.

Deep Patient Analytics

Analyze and act on patient experience feedback from online rating and review sites, social media and post-care surveys to drive operational change. Uncover meaningful insights from unstructured comments with our healthcare-specific Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

Deep Patient Analytics
Reputation Management

Build Brand Awareness

Capture patient feedback through email campaigns and surveys. Drive patients to online review sites to create more reviews.

Online Service Recovery

Quickly respond to online patient reviews, improving service recovery, protecting your brand, and influencing patient loyalty and acquisition.

Online Review
Benchmark v2

Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmark across your facilities and physicians, and against local and national competitors.

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