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October 13, 2020

Introducing: The 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement Survey

By: Aaron Clifford

2020-healthcare-consumer-insight-surveyHealthcare consumers are sharing more information than ever about their experiences with providers, facilities, listings, and all aspects of the patient journey.

As the digital customer experience changes at every touchpoint – from search to scheduling to surveys – healthcare professionals must understand what consumers need each step of the way.

For the fourth consecutive year, we asked consumers about their healthcare experiences to bring you the results of our 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement survey. Inside, you will discover trends in preferences and behavior that are shaping the patient experience for today’s healthcare consumers.


How Healthcare Consumer Behavior Changed in 2020

The realm of healthcare consumer behavior is multi-faceted. Patients are not looking to just one source of information for insights into a provider’s reputation, nor do they weigh all data the same.

The 2020 survey results show that patients increasingly rely on online ratings and review sites to make informed healthcare decisions, and that local listing information is becoming key to the digital patient experience.

While the use of review sites and search engines to find doctors has skyrocketed over the past four years, there is much more to uncover. Providers require more in-depth knowledge, including which digital platforms are rising in prominence, what information matters to patients when searching for care, and which customer engagement strategies are most effective in this quickly evolving industry.

Our 2020 Healthcare Consumer Survey

The 2020 survey results paint a clear picture of the trends driving today’s healthcare industry, as well as what to expect in the years ahead. Binary Fountain presents the findings from our annual consumer healthcare survey in this guide: 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement Survey.

The report includes updated statistics and data visualizations paired with analysis based on four years of research. This information can help you fuel your online reputation management strategy and patient experience improvement programs.

Download the e-book for full survey results or download the infographic for a quick snapshot of the data. You can also register for our webinar to learn tips and strategies based on this year’s findings.


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