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July 29, 2020

5 Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities

By: Kayla Zamary

marketing-ideas-for-apartment-communitiesDo you struggle to come up with creative marketing ideas for your apartment communities or ways to build their digital curb appeal?

You’re not alone.

Hundreds of property managers and marketers of apartment complexes search online for marketing ideas that can fill their units with happy residents. No matter how great your multifamily properties are, you need to make yourself stand out in search results.

At Binary Fountain, we want to help you come up with creative marketing ideas for your apartment communities. We want to help you build your property’s digital curb appeal, generate leases, and stand out compared to your competition.

Here are our top 5 marketing ideas for apartment communities. These well-thought-out marketing strategies can help you create long-term success for your business.

Run Paid Ads on Social Media Sites

Many people try to be the next big thing on social media. In truth, very few companies actually “go viral” or make a big splash in the space. While you should always have a presence and be active on organic social, you should also consider paid social ads. You are probably better served using paid advertisements on these digital marketing channels if you are looking for qualified leads.

Getting buy-in for paid media campaigns can sometimes be tricky. Some business owners either don’t understand why they would pay to advertise on a free platform. Others don’t want to spend money in general.

Surprisingly, paid social media ads are one of the most cost-effective marketing ideas you can have for promoting your apartment communities. You’ll have the ability to deliver ads to potential renters based on their location, demographics, and interests.

For only $15-25 dollars a day, you can create an effective marketing outreach campaign for your ideal renter. Very few marketing ideas for apartment communities are as dependable as paid ads for proven return on investment (ROI).

To get started, think about what the demographics are of your current tenants and the lifestyle they lead. That will help you understand what kind of ads you should be running and what audience you should target to get the best ROI.

Remember, if you can get just one new tenant who is paying $800 a month in rent, that’s probably worth the $200 in advertisements you spent in a month marketing to them.

Become an Expert Guide of Your City

One great way to set yourself apart from your competition is to become the local guide for your area. This means taking the time to make recommendations and being thoughtful about posting information about your city or neighborhood. Successful real estate agents do this, and you can share in their success if you do it as well.

Doing this endears you to your community. Also, it shows your passion for where your location is, making renters want to live there. It’s one thing to say, “our city is a great location to live.” It’s another thing to show it.

We recommend taking the time to review and meet with other local businesses to grow your influence in the community. Find strategic partnerships with gyms, restaurants, moving companies, and other establishments for cross-promotional opportunities.

If done correctly, you could greatly increase your digital footprint with quality bank links to your site. As a result, you’ll improve your chances of appearing in local search results.

Claim your Google My Business Listing

Claim your Google My Business Account on Google if you have not done some already. Doing so will immediately improve your local SEO. You’ll also gain a better understanding of what people are saying about your property online.

It’s also a valuable opportunity to shape the initial impressions online consumers will have of your properties. Google’s own research found that 67% of profile visitors would not do further research if a listing was mostly complete. The profile needed to be claimed, include store/location hours, reviews, photos, and appear on maps.

When optimized, Google My Business is a powerful marketing tool. It will help you appear in local search results and help potential tenants find your location. It will also increase your website traffic and bring you better customer insights from reviews.

Additional Listings to Claim

In addition to Google My Business, you should also claim or create listings on the following sites:

Ensure that your properties have listings on all of the sites above. You must make sure that any existing listings on these sites are accurate.

You should also start responding to your reviews on these sites if you are not already. See the Review and Review Strategy Section below for more on this.

Upgrade and Monitor Your Listings on Apartment Sites

Similar to paid social media campaigns, many multifamily properties don’t want to spend the money on apartment listing sites like Trulia, Apartments.com, or Rent.com.

Upgrading your profile will help you show up at the top of search results. You’ll get more exposure to potential renters.

You will want to measure how effective this marketing strategy is for bringing in quality leads. However, be aware that these sites may not have the same level of targeting that paid social does.

Reviews and Review Strategy

Research shows 75% of prospective tenants look at reviews and apartment ratings multiple times in their apartment search, and 70% are more likely to visit a property with a better online reputation than a competitor with worse reviews.

Based on these statistics, you need to have a strategy to encourage positive reviews and perform service recovery on negative reviews.

Review responses is a great first step to accomplishing both of these goals. Thanking your residents for their positive feedback makes them feel appreciated and demonstrates to all that you value customer experience. On the other hand, negative review responses are an opportunity for service recovery and long-term improvement.

Treat negative online reviews with the same level of concern you’d give to a written complaint. Respond with an apology for their bad experience and offer the reviewer a way to move the conversation offline into a private setting. This way, you can address the unique details of your resident’s experience without discussing personal details in a public setting.

If handled correctly, this could be an opportunity to win back your customer. If you’re able to find a quick resolution to the issue, the reviewer may be willing to update their review. Nothing proves the quality of your customer service like turning a detractor into a promoter.

Start a Reputation Management Program for Apartment Complexes

One of the best marketing ideas for an apartment is a scalable, actionable reputation management program.

If you don’t have a reputation management program set up, you are missing out on valuable insights. It can help you better understand what customers are saying about your business and what matters most to them. In today’s digital world, poor online reviews, and failing to meet consumer expectations can sink any business.

An online reputation management program for apartments can help you:

  • Identify where you can improve customer service for your tenants
  • Provide insight into about what matters most to your tenants
  • Track online reviews across multiple review platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Give you a chance to interact with reviewers and turn a negative review into a positive one
  • Help you stand out from your competition
  • Attract prospective tenants with positive listings
  • Increase renewals due to improved tenant satisfaction

If you don’t have a program set up, or if you are just starting one, we recommend checking out this blog. It will explain how multifamily properties can get the most out of reputation management efforts.

Reputation Management: The Tool You Need for Marketing Your Apartment Community

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to beat your competition if you follow the creative outreach marketing ideas above!

In particular, focusing on improving tenant reviews is one of the best marketing strategies. You can adapt to find new tenants as well as get real-time feedback from people living in your facility. It’s a scalable marketing solution that will help you grow your business year after year.

Reputation management solutions can make this much simpler. You can receive alerts on review postings, sorting and filtering options, and dashboards that simplify review tracking and response.

Of course, we recommend Binary Fountain’s Social Compass solution. It helps you work efficiently with a wide array of tools for tracking and responding to reviews. It even helps you track the results of your reputation management program.

Even before you begin responding to reviews, share the feedback with staff and management. Celebrate the positive reviews and commit to improving areas that consumers think need attention.

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