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October 23, 2019

How to Use Google My Business for Marketers

By: Kayla Zamary

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Whether in healthcare, multifamily or any other industry, marketers must use every available tool and opportunity to reach their audience, wherever they are. Today, there is perhaps no better resource in this endeavor than Google My Business (GMB). GMB is a multi-faceted platform within Google’s infrastructure that allows businesses to create a profile, make listings, engage with customers and gain valuable insights from online user data. All of these features, while valuable, may seem overwhelming. So, here we break down in simple terms how marketers like you can use and get the most out of GMB.

Own Your Listings and Your Message

Control is a key component of any marketing strategy. If you cannot clearly convey to your customers who or where you are, you will lose out. Google My Business gives brands nearly full control over their online presence by letting owners create and edit their business profile, upload and update new listings, include text, image, and video information, and much more. In terms of brand promotion and visibility, these features help you show up in more Google searches. When you focus on keeping your listings and information accurate, you gain trust not only with potential customers, but with Google’s algorithm as well.

Acquire and Display More Reviews

Online consumers have no shortage of resources to find reviews, ratings and information from other customers. However, they often begin this quest on Google. Google My Business provides you with an opportunity to showcase some positive online reviews for search users to see. Best of all, with GMB, you can encourage recent customers to leave a review, too. In many cases, online users look at these reviews and ratings before anything else, so displaying them on your GMB profile is a powerful way to show off your brand’s solid reputation.

Anticipate and Answer Customer Questions

Customers certainly want to see your reviews, but they also may have questions that help determine whether or not they pursue you. The GMB Q&A feature allows you to both anticipate common questions and answer unique ones for all to see. You can save online users’ time and energy by inputting several questions and answers in advance so they can easily find what they are looking for. And should someone ask an unexpected question, you or a previous customer can answer. Even if someone else answers a question on your behalf, it is best to provide your own answer. Doing so allows you to express some authority on the matter, and users will notice and appreciate your engagement.

Engage with Online Users via Google Posts

Google My Business is not just a passive way to be seen online, but also a way to actively reach out to current and potential customers. With GMB, online consumer engagement comes in many forms, such as the aforementioned Q&A section. Another way to engage with customers is via Google Posts. These are brief and temporary messages owners can post to their GMB profile to inform customers of just about anything. This is a great way to promote an event or upcoming sale, display a new product, remind users of a change in hours or operations, etc. Once again, control is key for reputation management and engagement, and Google Posts allow you to concisely control your message while keeping customers informed and engaged.

Open the Door for Easy Communication

There is no way to engage with customers without having open lines of communication. So, the more ways users have to reach your business, the better. Some customers prefer calling your business phone number, which you can prominently display on your GMB profile. But beyond this, GMB offers additional ways to touch base and make transactions with consumers. For instance, the Google Message feature can quickly put a user in touch with a representative to answer questions, direct them to their site or location or fulfill a purchase. Plus, users can leave reviews directly on your GMB page, ask questions, follow your social media links, and more.

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy Based on GMB Data

Ultimately, your marketing plan must be informed by good data. Otherwise, how can you know where to focus your efforts? Your GMB Business Profile is full of useful information to help you track and adjust your campaigns, such as the number of views, searches, website clicks, bookings, direction requests and much more. Having quick access to this data is a dream for marketers, giving you the insights necessary to optimize your online strategy.

With everything it has to offer, Google My Business should be a prominent part of every modern marketing strategy. There is a lot to learn about within this platform, and new features are added regularly. If you need help navigating GMB’s features, acquiring more reviews or managing online listings, Binary Fountain has the resources, information and expertise to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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