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April 10, 2018

Binary Fountain Powers Patient Experience Ratings for US News & World Report Doctor Profiles

By: Kayla Zamary

U.S. News & World Report, the world authority in hospital rankings and civic journalism, has begun a new collaboration with Binary Fountain that adds patient experience ratings to U.S. News Doctor Finder physician profiles. By analyzing online physician reviews, Binary Fountain’s Provider Social Index® delivers exceptional patient experience insights, empowering consumers to compare other people’s doctor experiences and make informed healthcare choices.

“It’s the quality of Binary Fountain’s patient experience data that makes this a valuable addition to the U.S. News profiles,” says Aaron Clifford, Binary Fountain’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “People who visit the doctor profiles  will find summarized patient review ratings that they can trust.”

Chad Smolinski, chief product officer for U.S. News, explains that, “In the age of healthcare consumerism, patient experience information has become a crucial piece of information for patients and families when choosing a physician.” He adds that this partnership “allows U.S. News to expand the breadth and depth of relevant, trusted data we can provide to patients,” as they search for a new doctor.

“We are excited to partner with U.S. News to further enhance their doctor profile pages with patient experience ratings, delivering industry-leading insights, data and analytics on thousands of doctors across the country,” says Ramu Potarazu, Binary Fountain’s president and CEO.

Recent survey data shows that 95 percent of respondents regard online ratings as “somewhat” to “very” reliable, and 75 percent say online ratings and review sites have influenced their decision when choosing a physician.

Provider Social Index’s Natural Language Processing engine extracts insights from online reviews based on 10 physician-related patient experience metrics and derives an overall patient experience rating for each physician profile . The different metrics include:

  • the thoroughness of the examination
  • the doctor’s ability to answer questions
  • the clarity of instructions to the patient
  • the amount of time spent with patients
  • the provider’s attitude; the provider’s past success
  • the provider’s attitude, and more

The ratings do not assess medical quality, but offer a reflection – scored from “fair” to “excellent” – of patients’ overall experience with the physician. Beginning with Family Medicine doctors, Binary Fountain-powered patient experience data will be added to U.S. News profiles of practitioners in a wide range of specialties in coming months.

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