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December 21, 2020

Binary Fountain’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

By: Kieran McQuilkin

top-blog-2020The year that lasted a decade is finally coming to a close. Though it was challenging for any marketer or customer experience team, 2020 did give us time to do some blog reading at home.

More readers than any previous year visited the Binary Fountain blog in 2020 to grab some industry advice, a few stats or a trend to watch. We strived to give companies the timely information they need through our blog to make fast, data-based decisions that drive their enterprises forward.

In 2020, multi-location businesses wanted to know how to navigate the many avenues of online reputation building, with an increased focus on listings management and social media channels.

Google’s new features also grabbed the attention of our blog readers, along with monthly roundups of coronavirus search trends. If you want to know what tech-savvy marketers and managers were reading this year, look no further than our roundup of 2020’s most popular articles.

Here are Binary Fountain’s most-read blog posts from 2020:

1. Reputation Management KPIs: Tracking Key Metrics of Your Online Presence

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Correctly choosing and measuring KPIs is critical to determining your reputation management program’s return on investment. Ignoring vanity metrics will help you build a strong online brand. Focusing on metrics like review quality and consumer advocacy will help attract new customers and retain the ones you currently have.

This blog post breaks down some of the most important online reputation management KPIs and how to measure the success of your program.

2. The Impact of Telemedicine on Patient Experience

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As telemedicine takes center stage, healthcare organizations need to understand its quantitative impact on patient experience. How will the rise of telehealth visits impact the patient journey for healthcare consumers and caregivers?

In this article, we cover the top factors influencing the perception of telemedicine, the main patient experience benefits of virtual care, and the impact of telemedicine on care quality.

3. Top Healthcare Marketing Newsletters and Blogs for Busy Medical Professionals

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Though the medical marketing industry constantly changes – whether it’s Google algorithms, Facebook ad policies or video tools – the information is out there. To keep your content and campaigns on point, and sent through the right channels, you need the latest scoops in the healthcare market.

This list includes 15 healthcare marketing newsletters and blogs that every medical marketer should read.

4. How Do I Add a COVID-19 Testing Center to Google Listings?

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Through a partnership with Castlight, Google is displaying information for 2,000-plus COVID-19 testing centers across most of the U.S. When added, the test site label appears on your business profile and on both Search and Maps results.

In this post, we show you how to add COVID-19 testing center information to your Google business profiles.

5. How Patients Find Out About a Doctor’s Reputation Online

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Most patients today look up your hospital or physician practice online before scheduling an appointment. Consumers want access to convenient, quality care and are willing to do their own research to find it. How much would it help to fully understand how patients are finding physicians through an online search?

In this article, we cover all the ways patients find out about a doctor’s reputation online and prepare you to improve those reputations.

6. Achieving the Quadruple Aim: Employee Satisfaction in Healthcare

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As the healthcare industry evolves, the focus is shifting to a pursuit of the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare. To achieve it, organizations must understand the growing correlation between low staff engagement and lower patient satisfaction, poor outcomes, and increased costs.

In this post, we explore how employee feedback and provider experience data help healthcare organizations and managed care companies meet their business objectives.

7. How to Add a COVID-19 Google Post to Your Google My Business Listing

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Google made it easier for businesses to publish coronavirus-specific information on listings by adding a COVID-19 Google Post option. The posts, made available in March, appear more prominently on your business page, allowing customers to more easily understand the current status of your business and how you operate during this time.

This 2020 blog post shows you how to create COVID-19 Google Posts that will appear on the post carousel and “Updates” tab on Google My Business profiles.

8. 4 Use Cases for Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

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As the digitization of healthcare continues, marketers and patient experience professionals are making better use of unstructured feedback data through Natural Language Processing (NLP). Leveraged properly, NLP enables providers to automate administrative workflows, invest more time in care and improve patient experience using real-time data.

In this article, we cover four beneficial uses of NLP for healthcare companies, including benchmarking patient experience, review management, sentiment analysis and predictive analytics.

9. Covid-19 Communications: How Property Managers Can Connect with Tenants

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The continuing spread of COVID-19 makes accurate and timely tenant communications more valuable than ever. To mitigate damage to your communities’ online reputation, multifamily marketers and communications teams need accurate, consistent messaging across all digital platforms.

In this article, we offer tips on how property management companies can communicate with residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

10. Checklist for Managing Your Online Reputation During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Especially concerning coronavirus, it’s more important than ever for healthcare brands to be sources of truth for concerned customers. The quicker you respond to problems under your control, the better positioned you will be to contain this crisis.

This post includes five steps you can take to manage and protect your online reputation during this health emergency.


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