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April 01, 2020

Survey: Local Healthcare Experts Are Most Trusted Coronavirus Information Sources

By: Kieran McQuilkin

Even in the best of times, hospitals and health systems are community leaders. During this public health crisis brought on by the coronavirus, communities need them even more.

To support frontline medical workers, healthcare marketing and communication teams need to provide expert information, tools and resources to keep patients and communities connected, informed and healthy.

ReviveHealth has published a new survey that offers data on what consumers expect from health systems right now and where they’re looking for information.

Here are some of the key statistics:

Credit: ReviveHealth, “Consumer Survey Findings – COVID-19”

In this vulnerable situation, healthcare communicators can guide their efforts based on public concern levels. People are concerned about many threats, even beyond preventative measures and treatment.

The survey reports that physical health of families is the top concern, followed by access to food, access to health services, personal finances and employment, being infected and mental health.

While many consumers might be inundated with information, over half of survey respondents want to hear from their local hospital daily.

National and worldwide coronavirus information sources are useful to consumers, but people are more focused on how the spread of the disease affects their community at the local level. With no shortage of experts and experience, health systems are uniquely positioned to speak to local concerns as they arise.

Local healthcare experts are trusted by 86% of respondents, according to the survey, making them the most trustworthy coronavirus information sources. They are followed by national healthcare experts, local government agencies and news organizations.

Even with that trust in healthcare providers, most consumers don’t have sufficient information on how to get tested. About 65% of those surveyed said they don’t have enough or any information on the COVID-19 testing process, while 30% know where to go.

Testing availability is one of many pieces of information consumers want to receive from local hospitals and health systems related to the coronavirus. Two-thirds are looking for community updates on the disease, and more than half are looking for information about accessing health services aside from testing.

Credit: ReviveHealth, “Consumer Survey Findings – COVID-19”

As far as facility-free treatment options, there’s a long way to go before all consumers consider telemedicine an option, the survey reports. Nearly half of respondents hadn’t ever heard of telemedicine; however, the majority of consumers said they are interested or willing to try.

So, what does it all mean?

In times like these, healthcare marketers are responsible for meeting the consumer need for information in a unique and scalable way.

We hope these statistics help to guide your strategy through this increasingly difficult situation. Here are some of our key takeaways:

  • Access to food and access to health services concern people nearly as much as the physical health of their families. Publish information and other content that includes concerns beyond just symptoms, testing and treatment.
  • Don’t assume that consumers know how to get tested for COVID-19: About two-thirds say they don’t have enough information.
  • Use your authority as trusted healthcare experts to control the narrative about your brand, inform the public about coronavirus at large and in your local communities, and fight misinformation.

The COVID-19 Consumer Survey by ReviveHealth included 700 respondents across the U.S. who are 25 years and older, with a margin of error of 4%.


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