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March 25, 2020

How to Add a COVID-19 Google Post to Your Google My Business Listing

By: Kieran McQuilkin

Google is now making it easier for businesses to publish coronavirus-specific information on their listings by adding a COVID-19 Google Post option.

The posts, made available on Wednesday, March 25, will appear more prominently on your business page, allowing customers to more easily understand the current status of your business and how you operate during this time.

When published, COVID-19 Google Posts will immediately appear on the post carousel and “Updates” tab on Google My Business profiles. Here is an example of how the posts are displayed:


The COVID-19 post type will be available for 14 days, according to Google, however that timeline is subject to change based on the ongoing status of the virus and its effect on companies. It appears that these posts are available for all listings – even those that were recently verified in 2020.

How to Create a COVID-19 Google Post

To create a COVID-19 Google Post, click “Create Post” in your GMB dashboard, then click the “COVID-19 update” tab near the top of the panel. The panel will look like this:


From there, you can write your update in the text box and (optionally) add a CTA button.

Be sure to preview your post, and then click publish to add it to the top of your Google Posts panel. Users can now see a preview of your message on your Google listing, and can click to reveal the full post.

As of now, these posts are meant to be highly informational and do not allow for images, but Google says it is monitoring support for additional use cases.

The search engine says it is still working to make coronavirus content appear in an even more relevant way to consumers. We will update this article as more details arise concerning these special post types, and will update our COVID-19 Resources page with other Google- and SEO-related developments.

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