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July 14, 2020

How Do I Add a COVID-19 Testing Center to Google Listings?

By: Kieran McQuilkin

Healthcare facilities with COVID-19 testing availability can now add that information to Google listings.

Through a partnership with healthcare technology company Castlight, Google is now displaying information for 2,000-plus COVID-19 testing centers across 43 U.S. states, with more to come. When added, the test site label will appear on your Business Profile and display on both Search and Maps results. Larger health organizations can also bulk upload multiple testing locations to Castlight.

In this post, we will show you how to add COVID-19 testing center information to your Google business profiles.

Add a COVID-19 Testing Center Label

The process of adding a COVID-19 testing center to your local listings is simple and can be completed through Castlight’s online portal. Here’s how to add locations:

  1. covid-19-testing-center-castlightGo to the Castlight COVID-19 Test Site Finder
  2. Click “Add a new location
  3. Follow the steps to add your facility information

After you submit information to Castlight, they will call the test site to verify your information. If they are unable to speak with someone at the site to verify the submission, the site will not be added to the directory.

The process of verifying your submission with the testing center and updating its status takes three to five business days, according to the companies. Once a site is added to Castlight and verified it can take an additional three to seven days to appear on Google Maps and search results.

The verification process goes through Castlight, so Google won’t have updates on the status of your COVID-19 testing label.

Keep in mind: If Castlight is unable to speak with someone at the site to verify the submission, the site will not be added to the directory.

If you represent an organization that has more than 10 testing locations, you can request a bulk upload by emailing

Quick note: If you have not previously verified the medical facility on Google My Business, a Business Profile with the test site label will be created through this process. After it appears on Maps, you can verify it through standard verification methods.

How Testing Centers Appear on Google Search

When consumers search for something related to COVID-19, they’ll see a new “Testing for coronavirus” tab as part of Google’s COVID-19 SOS alert. It includes four items:

  • A link to the CDC’s online COVID-19 symptom checker
  • A suggestion to talk to a healthcare provider if you think you should be tested
  • A link to COVID-19 testing information from local health authorities
  • A note that you may need to call ahead to a testing center to make sure you can get a test

The new COVID-19 testing center label appears underneath that tab on desktop and mobile – usually as part of the Map Pack, or Local 3-Pack. Here’s how it looks:


Each listing includes four pieces of additional information: If an appointment is required, if a referral is required, if tests are limited to certain patients, and if drive-through testing is available. Be sure to answer all these questions on the Castlight submission.

Other Listings Tips for Testing Locations

Another method of adding COVID-19 testing information to search results is marking up your website using schema. Authority websites, such as official health organizations, can use this tool to submit an important announcement on their site. This includes facility closures, event rescheduling and testing availability.

Using this markup, however, doesn’t guarantee your listing will have a COVID-19 testing center label. Submitting your information directly to Castlight is a faster, more certain method of displaying test availability, due to its partnership with Google.

Also important for testing locations is getting listed on local or state government websites, which will help indicate to Google that the facility is a verified testing center. And other healthcare-specific listing sites have added some coronavirus-related features.

 And don’t forget about Apple Maps. Healthcare providers and labs that offer COVID-19 testing can submit their information on this website and appear in Apple Maps search results as testing sites.

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