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December 14, 2020

Binary Fountain’s Most Popular E-Books and Infographics of 2020

By: Kieran McQuilkin

binary-fountain-ebooks-2020For some crucial reputation management topics, a blog post just doesn’t do it – but an e-book does. When Binary Fountain’s clients needed in-depth looks at customer experience trends in 2020, they looked to our e-books, infographics and case studies.

This year’s long-form resources ran the gamut of marketing and customer experience topics, from Google My Business and local listings to social media and first-party surveys. We also published several worksheets, guides and infographics about COVID-19 and its continued impact on marketers.

If you have some time to spare over the holidays – and want a professional edge heading into the new year – browse through our most popular 2020 resources. There’s something for everyone!

Here are Binary Fountain’s top e-books, infographics and case studies from 2020.

1. [E-book] 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement Survey

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Healthcare consumers are sharing more information than ever about their experiences with providers and all aspects of the patient journey. As the digital customer experience changes – from search to scheduling to surveys – healthcare professionals must understand consumers’ preferences at each step along the way.

For the fourth consecutive year, we asked consumers about their healthcare experiences to bring you our 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement survey. In this e-book, you’ll discover current consumer behaviors shaping today’s healthcare industry and analysis to fuel your strategies for years to come.

You will learn:

  • Where patients find healthcare information online and what matters in their decision-making process.
  • Where patients leave feedback about providers and how reviews and ratings are influencing consumers.
  • How search engines, social media and healthcare-specific review sites are impacting your brand reputation.


2. [Case Study] Willis-Knighton Text Messaging Campaign Boosts Immunization Awareness During COVID-19

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As COVID-19 progressed, Willis-Knighton Health System’s pediatric parents were not keeping their children’s wellness visits and falling behind on immunizations. The organization engaged Binary Fountain’s Messaging platform to send TCPA-compliant messages to remind parents/guardians of immunizations and invite them to make appointments.

After just a 10-minute campaign setup, the text message was successfully sent to the phones of more than 45,000 parents or guardians. With the support of text messaging campaigns, online appointment requests increased 66% in May, 101% in June, and 93% in July.

In this case study, you will learn how Willis-Knighton created its campaigns, crafted effective messaging, and boosted patient engagement.


3. [Infographic] The Patient’s Digital Journey Map

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There are five main steps throughout the digital patient journey – each an opportunity to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

In this infographic, we dive into the crucial touchpoints along the modern healthcare consumer’s path to care. You’ll find insights and data from real-world healthcare reputation management initiatives, along with stats from our 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement survey.

You will learn how leading health organizations are optimizing these major customer experience touchpoints: finding a doctor, making care decisions, booking appointments, evaluating patient experience, and reviews and surveys.


4. [E-book] Online Reputation Management ROI: Knowing Costs and Maximizing Returns for your ORM Program

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The ability to prove return on investment is mission-critical for any healthcare organization’s reputation management program. Marketers must focus on areas with the greatest potential for measurable business outcomes, including an increase in patient base and gains in service-line revenue.

In this e-book, you will find proven ORM budgeting and resource-allocation strategies that save on staff resources and costs. We cover ways to capture organizational buy-in with insights into what various stakeholders are looking to gain from your ORM program.

You will learn:

  • How to budget across your online presence, patient experience and feedback management initiatives.
  • Ways to measure key online reputation metrics across reviews, surveys, search rankings and conversions.
  • How the quantitative impact of ORM investments aligns with high-level business metrics.


5. [E-book] How COVID-19 is Shifting Priorities for Healthcare Marketers

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Healthcare marketers reprioritized and reallocated resources in 2020 as COVID-19 impacted staffing and crisis communications took center stage. How did marketing leaders respond and refocus their strategies in this fast-changing digital healthcare landscape?

To find out, we surveyed more than 300 healthcare marketing professionals across the U.S. This e-book includes key findings from our survey about how the industry’s top marketers are reshaping plans and communicating with patients.

You will learn:

  • How top healthcare marketers are reprioritizing projects and budgets during COVID-19.
  • Where the industry is shifting marketing dollars, reallocating staff and cutting costs.
  • Ways marketers are successfully communicating with patients and their communities online.


6. [Case Study] How Baptist Health Increased Review Volume by 320% in 6 Months

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Baptist Health South Florida’s marketing team was spending too much budget on digital ads with little impact on urgent care facilities, which had historically low ratings on review sites. To improve star ratings and search rankings, it needed to capture more reviews across its locations, respond to those reviews, and provide quicker service recovery.

The healthcare organization launched SMS text campaigns asking for reviews across its urgent care locations, using Binary Fountain’s Mobile Testimonials solution. In six months, the text messaging campaigns delivered a 322% increase in online reviews across urgent care facilities. Now, more than 90% of locations using Mobile Testimonials now have more than 100 Google reviews.

In this case study, you will learn how Baptist Health used reputation management tools to understand patient feedback at scale, target locations for improvement, and generate reviews.


7. [E-book] A Complete Guide to Attracting Reviews for Your Multi-Location Business

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New customers and repeat sales are cornerstones of success for any brick-and-mortar business. A comprehensive strategy for generating and monitoring online reviews will help your multi-location business achieve those goals.

This e-book offers stats, tips and best practices for your organization to generate a high volume of high-quality reviews. Discover how online reviews inform local customers and serve as a ranking signal for search engines. Plus, find out how to use customer feedback to make brand-wide and location-specific improvements, guide marketing strategies, and measure KPIs.

 You will learn:

  • How to determine which review sites your prospective customers use.
  • Ways to develop multi-channel strategies for requesting reviews and surveys.
  • How to monitor your online reputation and evaluate customer feedback at scale.


8. [E-book] Guide to Social Media Marketing for Healthcare

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Leading healthcare brands are using social media as an effective tool for engagement, communication and marketing. How can your organization balance the need for patient privacy with the brand-building power of an active social presence?

In this e-book, we cover the key elements of a social media strategy that aligns with your values and protects your online reputation, along with real-world examples of healthcare social media in action.

You will learn:

  • Ways to “listen in” on social media platforms, publish quality content and capitalize on the online conversation surrounding your brand.
  • Where patient reviews frequently appear on social media and how to stay HIPAA compliant.
  • How to combine technology, automation and ads to master social media management.


9. [Infographic] How the Rise of Telemedicine Will Impact Patient Experience

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Consumer comfortability with telemedicine is rising as virtual services become a valuable – and often necessary – care option. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to select a medical provider who offers telemedicine services over one who does not.

Healthcare organizations need to understand the impact of telemedicine on patient experience to build online visibility for telehealth services and improve the quality of virtual care. In this infographic, we share data about the telemedicine experience that can shape your marketing and patient experience strategies as the technology becomes ubiquitous.

You will learn which patient populations are comfortable with virtual care, what their biggest frustrations and concerns are, and where patients share their telemedicine experiences online.


10. [Case Study] Prisma Health Increases Web and Foot Traffic with Provider Transparency Program

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When patient experience leaders at Prisma Health saw how online reviews led the conversation about their organization, they launched a plan to take back control of their digital reputation. The health system used Binary Fountain’s transparency solution to leverage first-party survey data in ways that significantly boosted web traffic and encouraged appointment requests.

In less than 18 months, its CG-CAHPS Rate Provider score increased to the 83rd percentile and its CG-CAHPS MD Communication Domain score increased to the 72nd percentile. Meanwhile, Prisma Health’s appointment requests jumped by 56%, unique page views increase by 17%, and average time on webpages doubled.

In this case study, you will learn how Prisma Health leveraged surveys and review management technology to improve key metrics for both marketing and patient experience.


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