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June 28, 2019

Examples of Reputation Management Success In Healthcare

By: Kayla Zamary

reputation management success healthcareIt’s not hard to see the value of implementing successful reputation management strategies in the healthcare space.

According to our Healthcare Consumer Insight and Digital Engagement Survey, 70 percent of patients say that online ratings and reviews influenced their decision when selecting a physician. People go online to find the answers crucial to their healthcare purchasing needs.

So how can providers make the most of online ratings and reviews? See examples of how some organizations have found reputation management success in healthcare:

How Online Reputation Management Increased Ratings and Reviews for the Nation’s Leading Hospice Care Provider

VITAS Healthcare is the nation’s leading provider of hospice care. Based in Miami, Florida, VITAS is a pioneer and leader in the American hospice movement. Operating in 47 hospice programs in 14 states, they care for over 18,000 patients every single day – primarily in patients’ homes.

VITAS wanted to ensure they listened to the patients’ families at every step of the patient journey and analyze reviews and responses internally to make sure their local management teams were providing the best experience and care possible. They also wanted to build a solid foundation for managing or responding to reviews, and for generating more total review volume.

VITAS took an automated approach to responding by using a series of templated messages, including thank you messages, general feedback comments and contact information links. They identified staff members to take responsibility for review follow-up and established an internal hierarchy to help keep lines of communication clear and improve response times.

They also leverage analytics, reporting and benchmarking tools, as well as powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology, for full-scale, accurate and actionable insights on customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

As a result, VITAS Healthcare saw:

  • Response times to patient reviews shrink from 24 hours or more to within 4 to 12 hours of posting
  • 20% increase in the total number of reviews
  • 34% increase in Patient Satisfaction Scores

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Using Consumer Data Analytics to Promote Patient Service Excellence

Privia Health, a national physician organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, partners with more than 2,400 providers to redefine healthcare delivery for optimized patient acquisition and retention.

Privia Health recognized the importance of helping its providers establish their online brand reputation and leveraging the intelligence of existing digital reviews to drive practice success. However, the team also understood that aggregating, analyzing and responding to logged reviews is often a challenge for large medical providers.

Privia Health utilized reputation management solutions to send email alerts based on digital reviews. Every time a physician within the network receives an online review, a notification is sent to the Privia Health consultant working with that specific care center. They also established a customized Patient Feedback Score (PFS) that gathered data from both review and social media sites for extensive and comprehensive optics into current brand status, performance gaps and operational disconnects.

This solution delivers several mission-critical benefits to both Privia Health and its partners, including centralized data access across multiple platforms so responding to reviews can be accomplished within one platform. Automated email notifications help Privia consultants stay connected to all of their designated care centers and qualified data can be forwarded to the proper doctors and facilities, allowing them to leverage stored intelligence to affect change.

As a result, Privia Health saw:

  • Increased communication between teams at designated care centers
  • 40% increase in the total number of reviews
  • 77% improvement in Patient Satisfaction Scores for ‘Scheduling’

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Medical Clinic and Surgicenter Increases Patient Review Volume by 500% 

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Surgicenter (MMC) is the single largest multispecialty clinic in the city of Murfreesboro, Tennesse. It is a physician-owned multi-specialty group offering patients access to primary care services, as well as 20 different specialties.

MMC needed to move away from the facility’s outdated survey system. Paper surveys were available for patients to fill out in the waiting room, but the facility had no online focus and only a single patient advocate to follow up on online reviews and ratings. They began to notice a marked drop off in patients completing in-house surveys and a surge in online reviews, particularly patients going to Facebook to post negative experiences.

With the help of reputation management solutions, MMC began using mobile testimonials as the tool of choice to help begin repairing their online reputation and manage the online conversation surrounding their brand. The text-based feedback program directed patients to targeted review sites so MMC could collect, view and respond to feedback all on one place.

Within mere months of instituting its new text message campaign, the facility’s Facebook rating improved from 2.9 to 4.1. The facility’s Patient Feedback Score (PFS) rating rose from 3.1 to 4.2. In addition, the facility’s open rate/conversion rate has increased by 2%.

Ultimately, the mobile testimonials solution has driven home the importance of patient reviews and online reputation management while enabling better access to real-time information and improving the facility’s ability to respond and engage with patients.

As a result, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Surgicenter saw:

  • 500% increase in review volume
  • 21% increase in Patient Feedback Scores
  • Facebook rating improved from 2.9 to 4.1

Read more about Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Surgicenter’s results here 

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