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May 27, 2020

Google Adds Health Insurance Information Links to Business Profiles

By: Kieran McQuilkin

health-insurance-google-searchA new and vitally important feature is rolling out for healthcare providers’ Google listings: insurance availability.

Google My Business updated its page for healthcare providers with a section called “Manage insurance info for your practice,” offering information about displaying insurance options on business profiles.

The search engine says business profiles will display health insurance information for merchants whose insurance availability is provided to Google through a third-party database.

Insurance information is available for “select merchants in the U.S. only,” according to Google, meaning the feature is still rolling out and is not immediately available for all healthcare providers or countries.

Displaying Health Insurance Information in Google Search

For eligible healthcare organizations, a “Check insurance info” link might display on your Business Profile on Google Search, under your business’s hours. The link opens an “Insurance information” page that lists the health insurance providers your business accepts.

Google will automatically include this link if it identifies insurance availability through its third-party provider. There is currently no indication that healthcare organizations can manually add insurance providers to their listings, if not all of them are listed.

There are, however, instructions on how to remove insurance information from GMB profiles.

Removing Insurance Providers from Google Business Profiles

To remove these details, send the Google Health team feedback. It may take up to three business days for the team to take action. You can include a screenshot in your feedback.

ebook-covid19-survey-healthcare-marketingOn mobile:

  • Use Google Search to go to your Business Profile.
  • Under your business’s hours, tap “Check insurance info.”
  • At the bottom, tap “Send feedback.”
  • Type your feedback into the form.
  • Tap “Send.”

On desktop:

  • Use Google Search to go to your Business Profile.
  • Under your business’s hours, click “Check insurance info.”
  • At the bottom of the popup window, click “Send feedback.”
  • Type your feedback into the form.
  • Click “Send.”

Healthcare organizations aren’t currently able to opt in or out of this new Google Search feature, so we recommend monitoring listings for all your locations to ensure the insurance provider list – if displayed – is accurate.

Though additional details on the rollout are pending, what’s clear is that the question of, “will you accept my health insurance?” is increasingly important to the patient journey. Google and its users have indicated that insurance availability is valuable to them in the search for care, so healthcare organizations that supply this information can help prospective patients make a quicker decision and win their business.

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