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September 15, 2020

New Google My Business Profile Editing Capabilities and Hours Options Available

By: Erik Fessler

google-my-business-profileKeeping your Google My Business profile information current is critical, especially in light of COVID-19. Frequent and descriptive updates can be crucial to keeping your audience updated on the status of your locations.

In order to assist, Google has rolled out new options to set additional hours for special features and services. This new feature can help you list new time options for certain services.

Google also released an update to make Google My Business profile updates easier. The search engine added a function to update them directly from Google Search and Maps. This update works across web browsers and mobile apps.

Updating your Google My Business Profile from Google Search and Maps

Google added a functionality update due to the high volume of edits made of Google My Business profiles in light of COVID-19. It is designed to help business owners quickly respond to clients’ queries, engage partners, edit contact information, and even share COVID-19 related updates. In addition, you can also use it to quickly and efficiently create posts, reply to reviews, and update images.

The only requirement for using this new feature is to sign in to the Google account. You must use the account you used to verify your business on Google.

Simply typing “My business” or the name of your business in the Google search bar will prompt Google to open your business page. This will allow you to quickly and easily make any profile updates you desire. This shortcut is currently available in English and may soon be available in additional languages.

While on Google Maps, you can now click your Google My Business profile picture on the top right corner of your Maps mobile app. Then, choose “Your Business Profile,” select the “Edit Profile” tool, and choose from the available options. Your edits will be visible immediately.

Other tools listed include “Promote” and “Customers.” Additionally, you can also see your recent activity.

Google is expected to release additional free tools for Search and Maps soon, including tools to help you understand how your listings are faring. They could show you how you can improve your business profile on Google and increase your engagement and visibility.

One expected highlight is a new section that will allow business managers and owners to view their performance, complete with “new customer interaction insights.”

These features and more will be available on an upgraded merchant interface.

How to Set More Hours on your Profile

The new More Hours feature allows you to select and display hours on your Google My Business profile for specific services, such as delivery and pickup. Certain More Hours can only be set for specific business types. For example, hospitals will have different options available than apartment buildings.

However, you will need to set your regular hours before More Hours will display. More hours should be a subset of your primary hours.


To set these special hours, sign in to Google My Business and open the location you would like to manage. Click “info,” then click on the pencil icon next to “More hours.”


Click on the type of hours you want to set in the “More hours” box under “Add hours.” Be sure to check the box and enter hours for each day of the week included in these hours. Once all hours are entered, click “apply.”google-my-business-profile-more-hours-example

Once you have updated your hours, customers who visit your Google My Business Profile will find a message confirming your recent update. The update will also create a confirmation post about your hours change. This post shows up on the “Updates” tab of your profile on mobile devices.

You can edit the post to give more information about your recent update. Alternatively, you can remove the hours update message and post by deleting the post from Google My Business.

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