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November 19, 2020

[HCIC 2020 Session Recap] Own Your Ratings: Using Review Campaigns to Power Brand Reputation

By: Kieran McQuilkin

webinar-hcic-2020-baptist-healthReview generation is the secret weapon propelling digitally savvy health systems to the top of search rankings, provider directories and local listings.

One of those savvy organizations, Baptist Health South Florida, joined Binary Fountain to talk about how its text-based review campaigns vastly improved star ratings for all its urgent care centers.

In this session from the HCIC@home virtual conference, Baptist Health communications director Valeska Valencia walks through how the healthcare organization used reputation management strategies to plan review generation campaigns, craft its messaging, target and engage its audience, and improve the patient experience across all its locations.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

The Problem for Baptist Health

The Baptist Health marketing team’s digital advertising campaigns were not efficiently attracting patients to urgent care facilities. Before looking at producing marketing materials, this time, Valencia’s team looked at Google ratings.

The urgent care locations had historically low star ratings on Google Reviews, driven primarily by a lack of review volume. Some locations had lifetime review counts in the single digits.

“Consumers searching for ‘urgent care near me’ on Google were not frequently seeing Baptist Health listings,” Valencia says. “So, the way I see it, reputation is revenue.”

Meanwhile, local search results are crucial when quick care is needed. According to Binary Fountain’s recent survey, 49% of consumers say location is a top factor for choosing a care provider. And reviews are a top factor for 35% of consumers, who read an average of nine reviews before selecting a provider.

The survey results mirrored Valencia’s experience at Baptist Health, where consumers were using Google more than any other platform to both search for care and leave reviews.

“Google was where we were hurting, and that’s where people are searching for urgent care facilities and leaving reviews,” Valencia says.

In a nutshell, Baptist Health needed to generate more reviews for its urgent care centers to improve their star ratings and search rankings, Valencia says. So, it engaged Binary Fountain, who already supplied its review management solution, to launch Mobile Testimonial campaigns.

BHSF Mobile TestimonialThe Mobile Testimonial Campaigns

Identifying the need to capture real-time patient feedback, Baptist Health leveraged SMS text-based testimonial campaigns to dramatically increase Google review volume while improving its brand reputation and online visibility.

The marketing department used feedback data from Binary Fountain’s review management platform to figure out which urgent care locations to target for improvement.

For the best potential conversion rate, text messages were an easy choice over email. According to Binary Fountain’s 2020 healthcare consumer survey, 29% of consumers want to hear from providers via text – more than ever before.

Baptist Health started its first mobile testimonial campaigns in December 2019 with a goal of reaching a minimum 4.0 star rating and 100 reviews for each location. It automatically sent texts between 5 and 7 p.m. ET, when patients were likely available, making it easy to provide feedback.

The campaigns showed significant positive results within 30 days, and have continued strongly since then.

Results: Review Volume, Ratings & Search Rankings

In six months, Baptist Health’s text messaging campaigns delivered a 322% increase in online reviews across urgent care facilities, growing from 1,500 to 6,300. That includes April and May 2020, Valencia notes, during which Google had suspended new reviews.

With an average conversion rate of 15.2%, the campaigns increased ratings by an average of 0.8 stars in just six months – some adding 1.6 stars in that time. Now, every location has a 4.3 Google star rating or above.

Much of that improvement was due to review volume, Valencia says. More than 90% of locations using Mobile Testimonials now have more than 100 Google reviews, with an average of 353 reviews.

Given reviews’ impact on search rankings, Baptist Health now reports that it is getting ranked higher on search results because of the text message campaigns – which means more new patients. Plus, the influx of patient feedback gives its operations team the insights it needs to provide better care.

And there’s much more. You can read about Baptist Health’s mobile testimonial campaigns in this case study.

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