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October 30, 2019

How to Create a Culture of Excellence with Reputation Management and Transparency

By: Kayla Zamary


The competitive terrain of healthcare is changing, in a myriad of ways. Today’s patients aren’t just viewed as consumers; they are also recognized as evangelists who can wield their global online power using digital reviews and social media platforms. Even a single online post can influence countless readers when choosing a practice or provider. As a result, organizations across every specialty have recognized the need to implement or improve healthcare reputation management and transparency initiatives.

Elevating Reputation Management in Healthcare Poses Challenge to Providers

Like most providers looking to amp up their reputation management strategy, Tenet Health recognized that implementing a new patient care experience process across its multiple enterprises could prove challenging. The organization partnered with Binary Fountain to begin the process. Binary Fountain helped Tenet Health develop a customized reputation management strategy. The program launched with a soft roll-out, eventually expanding across all 20 markets, and including a provider honor roll to benchmark performance.

Binary Fountain Helped Tenet Manage Review Generation

As a leading provider of review generation, reputation management, and deep analytics, Binary Fountain was well equipped to help Tenet effectively oversee its mobile review generation program. Binary Fountain helped Tenet manage its generated reviews and drive transparency in three crucial ways:

Benchmark Reviews

Binary Fountain helped Tenet benchmark review volume by location. Separating responses in this way allows practices to identify which sites are thriving and which practices may require modification to elevate service levels.

Review Request Flow

Binary Fountain’s mobile testimonial campaigns allow organizations to drive patients to selected review sites to leave a review. It’s important to note that Binary Fountain’s request flow eliminates review “gating,” or the practice of filtering out any negative feedback received.

Prompt Follow Up

Tenet’s review management program emphasized the importance of timely follow-up. Statistics show that patients are far more likely to respond to a review request when sent within 24-hours of the appointment. Tenet’s new process ensured that all patients received their review or survey within the window.

Binary Fountain also helped Tenet leverage review results throughout the organization in three critical ways:

  • Plot out reputation changes
  • Identify data patterns based on doctors, staff, or facilities
  • Develop a plan of action based on feedback

Tenet’s New Program Resulted in Rampant Review Upswing

Tenet Health’s mobile testimonial pilot quickly resulted in an 800 percent increase in mobile review responses. Of the over 1,000 total mobile reviews collected, 89 percent received a perfect 5-Star Review, resulting in a +14% average increase in overall ratings. The program may have also had a “halo effect” on periphery review sites, leading to a 17 percent increase in Yelp responses, a 7 percent increase in Vitals ratings, and a 5 percent upswing in Google reviews.

Tenet Health utilized its newly aggregated patient feedback to create a Provider Honor Roll. Binary Fountain’s dashboard outlines nine key patient experience benchmarks. The healthcare organization uses this data to recognize and celebrate the physicians who consistently garner positive feedback. Tenet recognizes that these physicians help them stand out in the market as an innovative medical brand that focuses on transparency and consistently delivering a positive patient experience.

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