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May 22, 2020

[Infographic] How the Rise of Telemedicine Will Impact Patient Experience

By: Kieran McQuilkin

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The adoption of telemedicine has shifted into hyper-drive over the past few months, with virtual healthcare interactions on pace to top 1 billion by year’s end. Yet, in 2019, only 17% of consumers were aware that their health system or insurance provider offered telemedicine as an alternative to in-person care.

To build online visibility for these services and improve the quality of virtual care, providers need to understand the impact of telemedicine on patient experience.

In our latest infographic, we’re sharing data on telemedicine surveys and reviews that can shape your marketing and patient experience strategies as the technology becomes ubiquitous.

The surge in telehealth popularity is clear. Teladoc Health says its video appointments surged 50% in a single week in March, and Kaiser Permanente similarly used telemedicine to reduce in-person visits to specialty physicians by 40% in one week.

Consumer comfortability with telemedicine is high as well, and they frequently seek it out as a care option. Four out of five consumers are more likely to select a medical provider who offers telemedicine services over one who does not.

Care quality is the top consumer concern about telemedicine, followed by data security and privacy, but studies show promise in the quality of virtual visits. Massachusetts General Hospital research showed that, when comparing virtual video visits and office visits, most patients and clinicians reported no difference in the overall quality of the visit. Not to mention, nearly 95% of reviews in the study indicated positive emotions.

So, how will the rise of telemedicine impact patient experience at your organization?

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