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April 27, 2020

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profiles for Healthcare Brands

By: Kieran McQuilkin

linkedin-healthcareIf you manage the brand for a medical practice or a hospital, you’ve probably put a lot of effort into your social media presence and your search engine optimization over the years.

Chances are, however, you have not spent as much time working on your LinkedIn presence. That’s a shame, because LinkedIn is far more than just an online job board or professional networking site.

Like Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn is a full social media network – and a popular one – where businesses can share content and connect with local communities. Healthcare systems and hospitals can boost their public profile via LinkedIn like any other social media platform.

If you are looking for a leg up on the competition, optimizing your LinkedIn profile will not only connect your company with industry professionals, but also will position your brand up as a thought leader and generate new leads for your business.

Here are the five best ways for to optimize your LinkedIn profile and strengthen your online presence.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Optimizing your keywords
  • Creating a custom URL
  • Joining groups on LinkedIn
  • Using ad space on LinkedIn
  • Posting regular, relevant content

Optimize for Your Healthcare Brand’s Keywords

You can use SEO on your LinkedIn profile just like you can a webpage or other social media platforms. You will want to make sure that the keywords reflect what your service providers offer, to ensure that industry professionals and consumers alike can find you on the platform.

In order to make the most out of this tactic, make sure you identify the right keywords and phrases that people search most frequently to ensure you are getting more eyes on your profile and your content.

Create a Custom LinkedIn URL

Did you know you can create a custom LinkedIn URL for your business?

You can build a unique URL for your LinkedIn profile when you create your business profile or by editing your existing profile. Just click on the pencil icon to change your URL in your public profile settings.

Using a custom URL makes your business profile more professional than a randomly generated URL and could strengthen your SEO. If your organization has multiple LinkedIn pages, be sure to create unique URLs for each hospital, location or provider profile.

Join Healthcare Groups on LinkedIn’s Network

LinkedIn is best used as a professional networking platform, but it can also be used to expand your business’s network. We recommend joining the most popular groups for doctors and other healthcare providers on LinkedIn to establish your practice as a part of the community. These groups include  Medical Doctor (MD) NetworkInnovations in Health and Networking for Business Professionals & Doctors.

Don’t just join a group and forget about it. Be an active participant in conversations with other members about their content or questions they have asked in the group. The most important part about building a community is providing value to the group and sharing knowledge to strengthen your credibility as healthcare experts on LinkedIn.

Use Ad Space to Your Advantage

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers businesses the ability to deliver ads to specific audiences on the platform. Businesses can set up ads and track a variety of KPIs, including traffic and leads, while optimizing campaign performance around specific keywords and geo-locations.

Make sure to leverage LinkedIn’s customer persona features to refine your social outreach. For example, if you operate a pediatrics practice, your target audience will be much more defined than if you run a general practice.

Post Regularly on LinkedIn

Much like other social media platforms, posting regularly on LinkedIn helps you build an audience, appear in newsfeeds and establish your medical experts as trustworthy information sources.

You should aim to engage with your audience by posting regular updates for events you are part of, relevant industry articles and company announcements. Adding interesting multimedia assets like images and videos is highly encouraged whenever possible.

Pro tip: company pages can include three large (646px by 220px) images at the top of the listing page. Each of these images can include a link back to your company website.

We also recommend regularly posting job openings as a way to attract qualified candidates for your practice.

Focusing on Your Online Reputation

Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile, you’re ready to refocus marketing efforts on improving your online presence elsewhere. If you are a practice manager or a healthcare marketer, we recommend focusing on your online reputation management.

At Binary Fountain, we provide reputation management solutions built specifically for medical practices, including a platform that allows you to track customer engagement across multiple business listings, social media accounts and review sites.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about our comprehensive reputation management platform or our user-friendly social media management tools.

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