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July 16, 2019

5 Great Local Link Building Strategies for Apartments

By: Kayla Zamary

local link building strategies for apartmentsWhen it comes to showing up when people are searching online for an apartment complex, chances are you have felt the squeeze. There are so many multifamily complexes in your area, it’s hard to make your apartment complex stand out compared to the competition, especially in Google Search Results.

So how do you win at the game of ranking #1 in your area?

Sadly, Google isn’t going to tell you. At least not directly. There are many guidelines on what you need to do to rank, but there are hundreds of ranking factors that are taken into consideration when determining what pages should rank.

One of the very top items on the list is backlinks. These are essentially plus one votes in Google’s eyes when determining the value of a specific page. So how do you attract quality links to your site?

Here are a few link building strategies to consider for your apartment complex.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site with anchor text. The more quality backlinks you have, the more likely your site is to rank.

Anytime someone links to you on a website or in social media, it’s considered a backlink.

While the early 2000s saw Google weigh quantity of backlinks over quality, that has changed over time. Today, you want quality links (relevant to your niche market) instead of the total number of links.

In the past, you were able to pay someone for backlinks for a few hundred dollars each month and get your website to rank quickly. That isn’t the case anymore and could actually get your site blocked from appearing in Google search results with a manual action!

Having numerous relevant links will ultimately help your site gain ranking in your geographical area.

For example, an apartment complex will want links for local real estate websites because they are relevant to the industry.

You also want to make sure you have a diverse group of sites linking to you. If your links are only coming from one site, Google will have a hard time believing those are quality links.

How Many Links Does My Apartment Site Need?

At the end of the day, it really comes down to how competitive your area is, but you shouldn’t just worry about what your competition is doing and instead look at ways to improve your site.

Remember, there are few laws to link building:

  • Never pay money for a link
  • Never spam your links across the internet (using message forms or other ways)
  • Never put your link on a gambling or pornographic site
  • Always look for relevant backlinks to your industry

How Do I Get Backlinks for My Apartment Complex?

The key to linking for apartment complexes is developing a targeted approach to getting links within your community while offering great content for your users to attract more backlinks in the future.

You will want to make the right connections within your community to get the right links flowing to your site.

Build Links on Listing Sites

Building local citations on listings sites like Foursquare and Infogroup will help your site build some authority for local search results and within those third party platforms. When adding your listing to these sites, make sure the information you post is accurate and matches your Google My Business listing.

You will also want to make sure you are keeping track of your user ratings on these sites. The better reviews you have, the more likely you are to show up in search results. Binary Fountain can help with that by providing a singular place for you to review customer feedback and the actionable insights you can take to improve your tenant’s experience.

Real Estate and News Websites

 As previously mentioned, finding real estate websites (especially news related ones) is a great way for you to build links. Specifically, you want to find websites that are mentioning what it is like to live in your geographical location.

These kinds of sites are always looking for industry trends and statistics that they can use to populate their site. Potential renters are always curious about fluctuations in prices, so finding websites that talk about living in your specific city could help you be the first place they see in their research.

Similarly, local news stations are always looking for a good story. Use this to your advantage by pitching stories about local trends and when you have an exclusive story to pitch (like a new building).

Local Events and Businesses

A really great way for you to find backlinks is to look within your community.

What events are going on? What restaurants, influencers and lifestyle websites are good strategic partners for your apartment complex? Building links is all about creating great relationships.

Think about burger contests, St. Patrick’s Day events and others within your city that you can help sponsor or be part of in some capacity. All of these are opportunities for you to build a healthy relationship with your community… and help build backlinks to your website.

Additionally, reach out to the contractors, architects and others who helped in the construction of your building. Make sure they have links to your site as a way to show off their work.

Build Great Content

The best way to earn links to your site is to create great content that people want to share. This has to be quality content that sells itself (but a little salesmanship never hurt to get the process started).

Write a definitive guide on what it’s like living in your city. What restaurants do people need to check out? What do people from out of town need to know?

Depending on your market, these keywords are usually not that hard to rank for and give you the opportunity to link out to some of the people you want to link to you in the future.

Have a Great Online Reputation 

If you want to appear in more search results, backlinks are a great way to start, but you also need to add online reputation management to your apartment marketing strategies.

One key takeaway from backlinking strategies for apartment complexes is that it’s all about building good relationships with your community and having a great reputation. The same can be said for your online reputation.

Quality online reviews are one of the many ranking factors Google uses to determine what pages show up on local search, so it’s the perfect complement to your SEO efforts.


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