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September 12, 2019

3 Ways Online Reviews and Surveys Can Help Your Practice or Hospital

By: Kayla Zamary

online reviews and surveysPatient feedback is changing the business of healthcare. It’s playing a significant role in digital consumerism as 75% of patients today are leveraging online reviews to select a provider.

Healthcare systems are also going through a shift as many now see online reviews and surveys as an asset for helping them improve patient experience — and attract and retain patients.

The opportunities for patient feedback to impact a healthcare organization are numerous. Here are three ways you can apply online reviews and patient surveys to help your health system.

  1. Boost Appointment Requests from Physician Directory Pages

As online reviews increasingly affect consumer care choices, healthcare organizations can gain a competitive advantage by publishing them to their physician web pages. Online reviews can significantly impact your rankings in search engines, which search results get clicked on, and consumer purchasing decisions. 

Publishing verified, rich patient survey comments to your physician directory webpages can help increase SEO and attract consumers seeking a physician. Physician directory pages with online ratings and reviews typically generate more online engagement and physician appointment requests than those without them.

  1. Increase Physician, Staff and Patient Engagement

As patients increasingly embrace their role as consumers and seek out reviews before choosing a provider, it becomes ever more important for healthcare organizations to engage with patients online. Encouraging patient feedback is crucial to capturing valuable insights for your practice. Urge patients to participate in online review sites to create more reviews and use those insights to create a patient-centered culture and increase staff engagement in your practice. 

To foster friendly competition amongst physicians, benchmark their performance and share results with them. You may even consider rewarding employees recognized for receiving positive feedback from patients.

  1. Implement Patient Experience Improvements

Take advantage of the opportunity to listen, analyze and act on the plethora of feedback available as patients become increasingly vocal about their care experiences. Adopting digital surveys can provide a significant pathway to collecting patient feedback and can save time by helping healthcare professionals quickly analyze trends and comments. 

Practices can capture more meaningful feedback with digital surveys today and implement those insights to improve their practice and increase ROI tomorrow.

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