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February 20, 2018

Physician Practices Making a Difference in Patient Experience and Patient Loyalty

By: Kayla Zamary

Lately, two articles in trade publications have featured Binary Fountain customers who have achieved notable gains in patient experience and patient loyalty. We’re always proud to celebrate success, so here’s more on our partners in the news, KureSmart Pain Management and Florida Orthopaedic Institute:

doctors office waiting areaKureSmart Pain Management improves physician and patient loyalty ratings

Healthcare IT News talked with Nick LaRosa, Director of Sales and Marketing for KureSmart Pain Management. The interview showed how the Mid-Atlantic’s leading pain management practice uses Binary Fountain to help manage patient experience and gain actionable insight into its online reputation.

Binary Fountain’s platform gives KureSmart the tools to benchmark performance across a range of patient experience categories, and saves time by aggregating all feedback into a single view, said LaRosa. “We could even drill down into the data to get to the heart of a patient’s concern – or compliment.”

After sharing patient feedback with physicians, KureSmart’s overall patient experience score increased by 68 percent and patient loyalty increased by 52 percent.

Nick LaRosa reported that ratings on bedside manner rose by 150 percent. “We also saw an increase in the number of positive online reviews by 52 percent. Between 2016 and 2017, KureSmart saw a 4 percent increase in utilization rate and achieved a 29 percent growth rate that nearly doubled our number of new patients,” he said.

For more on KureSmart Pain Management and the ways we work together to improve customer response and reputation management, see Sabrina Egan’s blog post. Also, have a look at this case study to learn how KureSmart uses digital patient surveys to improve online reviews and scores.

Florida Orthopaedic Institute manages online provider reviews to improve patient retention

Patient Engagement Hit published an article on Florida Orthopaedic Institute, and how they work with Binary Fountain to manage online provider reviews, address patient satisfaction issues and support patient retention efforts.

Marketing and Customer Service Director Donna Bossuyt and Kim Mott, Marketing and Customer Service Manager, use Binary Fountain tools to track online provider reviews and compare them with hard data from satisfaction and experience surveys collected at its 10 locations in the Tampa region. Patients are very comfortable with posting reviews online, says Kim Mott. “It’s a place for them to really state their opinion on how they really feel.”

Doctors, however, sometimes regard negative reviews as exaggerated. Kim says attitudes changed when her team demonstrated that in-house surveys and online rating sites reveal exactly the same concerns with communication and physician wait times. Today, using Binary Fountain alerts, Florida Orthopaedics responds to negative online reviews within 24 hours. Sometimes, physicians reach out by phone to further explain a treatment plan or diagnosis. In the story, Kim Mott says that by responding right away, “We’ve seen patients completely remove reviews or leave a comment on the review, saying, ‘Oh, they got to me right away and handled the issue,’ or change their star rating.”

You can learn more from Kim Mott and Donna Bossuyt when they join us for a webinar entitled “Creating a Hospitality-Influenced Reputation Management Strategy in Healthcare,” learn more and reserve your place here.

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