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February 21, 2020

Prisma Health’s Transparency Journey [Webinar Recap]

By: Kieran McQuilkin

prisma-health-webinarWho controls the online narrative for your brand?

When patient experience managers at Prisma Health saw how third-party reviews led the conversation about their organization, they launched a plan to take back control of its digital reputation. To do so, they implemented a transparency program that leveraged first-party survey data to significantly boost web traffic and increase appointment requests by 56%.

In our latest on-demand webinar, Prisma Health Patient Experience Officer Theresa Varughese and Patient Experience Program Analyst David Clinkscales highlight their strategies for establishing an enterprise-wide transparency program, and lessons they learned along the way.

In the webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the tenets of an effective communication plan during all phases of the transparency journey.
  • Select, train and empower physicians to serve in an influential role during all phases of the transparency journey.
  • Develop a comment review and appeals process that is consistent, simple and beneficial to the provider.

You can find a link to the on-demand webinar here and at the bottom of this page. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Communicate Early and Often

Both Varughese and Clinkscales agree that one of the most important aspects of establishing a transparency program is starting early. They scheduled meetings with the different divisions, practices, and administrators and started meeting biweekly with stakeholders.

There, they defined roles, responsibilities and timelines alongside partners at Binary Fountain, including who would participate companywide and how to handle pushback from physicians.

An important early step was asking chairs to appoint one or two transparency “champions” from their department. The right mix, according to Prisma Health’s experts, should include people who are older, younger, early adopters and later adopters; but they should all be positive and influential with their peers.

Empathize with Physicians

The buy-in priority for Prisma Health was the frontline physician, and how to handle the vulnerable topic of patient feedback at a time when they feel very exposed.

Varughese said to lead with empathy – many providers are hesitant to advertise negative reviews and to be reviewed similarly to a product on Amazon.

“You must listen, and seek to understand and be empathetic,” she said. “Research anything you don’t know about, teach them, empower them and help them look good with their peers.”

For the same reason, Prisma Health’s PX leaders recommend comprising your appeals committee of providers only. Peer-to-peer representation has given credibility to the committee that they say is invaluable.

Expect Gray Areas

Across the enterprise, Prisma Health receives about 750 new comments every week that need approval (or exclusion). But they aren’t all created equal.

Clinkscales said that black-and-white issues like PHI, profanity and billing won’t require much time to resolve in the appeals process, but there are more subjective gray areas that will require planning and attention.

He recommends wording your exclusion criteria in very clear language from the outset, limiting ambiguity as much as possible. By giving strict definitions of exclusions, you’ll limit the number of appeals and not have to debate with a provider whether a comment meets the criteria.

On the same token, Prisma Health’s experts suggest creating standards for the appeals timeline from the start, so providers acclimate quickly to the transparency system.

To learn more about their strategies and to see why leading organizations like Prisma Health use Binary Fountain’s transparency solution, check out the free webinar – now available on-demand.


  • Theresa Varughese, Patient Experience Officer, Prisma Health
  • David Clinkscales, Patient Experience Program Analyst, Prisma Health
  • Mike Warstler, Director of Sales – Healthcare, Binary Fountain

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