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June 25, 2019

Binary Fountain’s 2019 Renter Insight & Digital Engagement Survey

By: Kayla Zamary

renter insight digital engagement surveyWhen it comes to finding an apartment, where do consumers look for information and who do they trust for advice?  

In our 2019 Renter Insight and Digital Engagement Survey, we asked more than 1,100 current and prospective renters to give us their perspectives on a variety of important topics, such as online reviews and listings, referrals, pain points and must-haves for a new apartment.

Using this e-book, property owners and managers can gain insight into what renters are thinking and learn about. 

Here are some of the biggest takeaways you’ll get from this ebook:

How renters search for and use information regarding apartments 

In the past, consumers had to seek out recommendations from family and friends or rely on word of mouth when seeking a place to rent.

Today, more consumers are going online to guide their search and help them make their final housing choice. From the survey, it was found that 96 percent of respondents considered online reviews and ratings when searching for a rental property and 85 percent also said they would consult online reviews even if they had been given a personal referral at the start of their search.

Without a doubt, the most influential online resources that renters turn to are review platforms.

How to maximize your reach and ensure your properties are well represented

Positive online ratings and reviews are not just a nice-to-have for today’s multifamily properties–they are essential for maintaining a healthy resident acquisition pipeline.

Our survey respondents told us that online ratings and reviews are among the first factors they consider when looking for a place to rent. Altogether, 85% of them indicated that they looked at online ratings and reviews at the beginning of their search or before choosing which apartments to visit.

More than half of our respondents indicated that they used online search engines to begin their apartment research, while 16 percent said they used an apartment listing site. A minority of respondents also consulted social media, ratings and review sites and property websites in their search strategy.

The biggest pain points for renters during the apartment search

When it comes to marketing to prospective residents, we wanted to know where property owners fell short. We asked our respondents to choose which tasks they found most frustrating about searching for a rental property.

Our renter insight survey identified issues related to customer service and the logistics of visiting properties as frustrating. However, the most frequent pain point for our survey respondents was finding accurate information online about the property–31 percent of respondents agreed this was their biggest issue with finding a rental property.

There are many more insights available to help you understand what potential renters are looking for!

Download this free ebook to see how you can take control of the online conversations already happening about your multifamily properties.

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