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August 07, 2019

Ask an Expert: What to Look for In Social Media Management Tools

By: Kayla Zamary

social media management toolsIn this series, Binary Fountain offers its staff expertise to answer common questions about online reputation management.

In this post, Jeremy Lowry, Product Manager at Binary Fountain, tackles questions related to getting started with social media management tools at the enterprise level.

What is social listening, and what does it accomplish for a brand?

Social listening refers to a brand’s ability to monitor and manage their online social presence using tools that track relevant keywords across different sites and platforms. You want to know what people are saying about your brand on both the macro and micro levels. 

Social listening allows you to track just about everything being said about you, from positive online reviews on Facebook to complaints on Twitter, comments on Reddit, etc. 

Having all of this knowledge on a single dashboard allows you to organize a social media management plan, responding to all feedback in a quick and effective way.

How can you ensure targeting in your keyword tracking?

The best social listening algorithms allow for advanced targeting that goes beyond just the brand name. 

For example, if you want to focus on a specific location or region, you can input regional tags so if a customer mentions that area alongside your company name you will receive a notification. Or, if you share a name with a company in another industry, you may include keywords specific to your business operations (i.e. “healthcare” or “health”) to minimize confusion and narrow your scope of relevant information.

What’s an example of how you would segment keyword tracking into streams or topics for reporting purposes?

If you want to focus your social listening on a specific aspect of your brand, such as a certain product, feature, or service you offer, you can also segment keyword tracking into streams or topics for deep analytics and reporting purposes. 

For instance, a healthcare provider might want deeper insights into their patient accommodations in waiting rooms. 

With proper keyword configuration, you can find information regarding this part of your business and run a sentiment analysis to measure patient satisfaction in this context. 

What is social publishing and what features should you look for in a social media management tool as an enterprise brand?

Social publishing is a way of unifying your brand’s messaging across all social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Rather than publishing completely disparate posts on these various platforms at different times, social publishing allows you to streamline your publishing process. 

In other words, you can create a single post and schedule it for distribution across multiple social media sites. Certain restrictions can be set in place, too, so posts only go public after being reviewed, approved, and scheduled by a supervisor. 

These additional controls within social media management tools are especially important for enterprise brands who must manage multiple locations and their local public outreach.

What does an average workflow look like?

An example of this streamlined workflow might look something like this: A post is created and saved as a draft within the social publishing dashboard. 

Then, another employee who is tasked with reviewing and approving the post receives a notification and takes a look. They can either reject the post and send it back to the original writer or editor, or approve it for the proper social channels and schedule it. 

And finally, someone else might get notified and double-check the scheduling to ensure that the post goes out on the right date and time.

How can you use a tool like this to see and respond to reviews?

Social publishing is an essential tool for brand promotion, but it can also be useful for replying to reviews and comments. 

Your social publishing dashboard will notify you when a user has responded to one of your posts across platforms. You can then respond in a number of ways, either within the dashboard or via the social media platform itself. 

Either way, this tool provides you with the initial heads up.

What need is Binary Fountain’s Social Solutions suite filling in the marketplace?

Binary Fountain’s Social Solutions brings all elements of social media management and brand reputation management together in one simple and powerful dashboard. 

The Social Solutions Suite provides a straightforward approach to both social listening and social publishing and integrates them for maximum efficiency.

What are some best practices for social media management using these tools?

Scheduling social media posts is an important way to ensure consistency and organization for your online presence, and lets engaged users know when to expect a new post. If there are several people in your organization, limit social publishing access to a handful of employees to prevent mistakes and maintain consistency. 

As for social listening, always track your brand name as well as specific locations and relevant keywords so you have a full, broad scope of what people are saying about your company online.

For more about social media management tools, download Binary Fountain’s Complete Guide to Social Listening and Publishing for Enterprise Brands.

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