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June 19, 2019

6 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Management Tools

By: Kayla Zamary

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Social media is a necessary tool for brand promotion.

However, against a cacophony of voices in already crowded platforms, it can feel impossible to be heard. Moreover, keeping networks up to date and engaging customers in a personalized way can be very time consuming if not impossible.

In a marketplace where “98% of digital consumers” around the world use social media, according to Global Web Index, social media management tools make the difference. The right tools are critical to social listening and publishing content at a scale that matches the size of your business.

Below are several reasons why the right tools like Binary Fountain’s brand reputation management software can help businesses run effective campaigns.

  1. You can manage multiple accounts in one location.

Social media management software allows you to control all or nearly all of your accounts from one dashboard.

Without tools like this, businesses need to log into multiple accounts each day and use password sharing software to collaborate with others on your team.

  1. You can invite and collaborate with multiple users.

With social media management software, you can add users and control permission levels. This enables you to create a workflow of drafting and publishing content as needed.

  1. You can schedule in bulk instead of manually posting one-by-one.

Social media management software enables you to use templates to populate and upload to schedule your posts in bulk. This saves hours of individually drafting and scheduling posts.

Additionally, you can look at your editorial calendar from a big picture perspective, ensuring you’re covering the range of content that will best serve your customers and prospective customers.

Without software like this, it is difficult to see what others are scheduling. Additionally, someone else may publish a post immediately without the context of what other posts are coming up.

  1. Track brand-specific keywords for your brand.

Social media management tools allow you to track and follow keywords that are relevant to your business. This means you get real-time notifications of brand mentions across social media platforms, whether your brand is tagged or not.

Without this software, you can try to track brand-specific search terms using Google alerts. But chances are most mentions will mostly go undetected by your company.

Not having the right tools in place can be devastating when a PR crisis breaks out on social media. Being able to quickly respond and enter the conversation at the right time is critical.

  1. Publish to all relevant social platforms.

Your customers and potential customers are using a variety of social media platforms. Social media management software allows you to publish to all the social platforms relevant to your business at the touch of a button. With new platforms being developed all the time, you can stay on top of new platforms while keeping a presence on the established ones.

  1. See what is important to your client base and create content around their needs.

Binary Fountain’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) software distills the essence of what is being said about your brand into actionable insights you can incorporate in your marketing. Uncover the important themes, pain points and value-adds your customers are getting from your products and services in the terms that they use.

This works for both negative and positive online reviews. Use these insights to create tailored content that feels ultra-personalized to your target customers, makes them feel heard and understood, and keeps them coming back for more.

With deep analytics dashboards, you can keep all your team members on the same page in real time.

Businesses who do not use software like this can only use lagging indicators, like clicks and conversion rates, to find out if their content is hitting the mark. And in the speed of business today, that can be too late.

In summary, using the right social media management tools can help you better listen to what your customers are saying and turning those sentiments into achieving true product-market fit. This will allow you to attract and gain loyal customers who become brand ambassadors.

For more about social media management tools, download Binary Fountain’s Complete Guide to Social Listening and Publishing for Enterprise Brands.


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