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June 22, 2017

Taking Control of Your Online Healthcare Reputation

By: Kayla Zamary

With patients becoming increasingly vocal about their care experience, marketers are taking control of their healthcare organization’s and physicians’ online reputation and helping them understand where they can improve the patient experience.

Located in Frederick, Maryland, The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics—MMI Division, a physician-owned practice with over 40 providers and 5 locations, believes in providing the highest quality of life with the least risk while ensuring a seamless treatment experience from beginning to end. Their Director of Marketing, Barbara Hiller, leads the way in facilitating the organization’s online reputation management and patient experience programs. We spoke with Barbara to find out how she was managing them with Binary Health Analytics.

Hi Barbara, can you give us a little background on why you adopted Binary Health Analtyics

From advertising to monitoring online reviews, I wear a lot of hats here.  As part of this initiative, I was spending a lot of time looking through our survey cards and monitoring third-party review sites – one at a time. It was a painstaking, manual process that was challenging to stay on top of every week.

How have you been using the platform?

Binary Health Analytics gave me a single view across all our online reviews and survey responses. Although our patient feedback is 98 percent positive, by monitoring these reviews and surveys, we’ve been able to better understand what issues need to be addressed and tackle that remaining 2 percent.

It’s really been an invaluable tool for turning negative experiences into a positive. With digital patient surveys now offered online and during checkout on our iPads, we’re capturing more survey responses than before and uncovering issues we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  I can now monitor and receive alerts on less-than-favorable reviews. This has given me the opportunity to reach out to these patients, fix the issue and turn it into a positive experience.

We’ve also used these reviews to have some important one-on-one conversations with physicians. Patient comments provide evidence to our physicians where they need to develop professionally. We also present reports to all our physicians that benchmark their performance against each other and show what’s being said about them. Our physical therapy department is also very active in using these reports as a tool to gauge how they’re doing. Furthermore, the information is a great tool for review purposes when it comes to annual performance evaluations.

How is this affecting your online presence?

We’ve captured such a wealth of great feedback from our surveys that we wanted to publish it on our website. Patients could review them and feel confident in the physician they’re selecting. We’ve started posting them to our physician profile pages and also created a testimonial page for our midlevel providers and physical therapists. We get a lot of detailed patient comments about our physical therapists since they’re very engaged with our patients, and those reviews really speak to the practice as a whole.

In summary, how has it helped you?

It was truly an “ah-ha” moment when we first implemented Binary Fountain’s reputation management solution. I’m now spending 70% less time managing patient feedback while getting over 200% more survey responses. I couldn’t imagine doing my job without this platform again.

Binary Fountain has provided us a time-saving way to control the conversation around our practice and improve the patient experience through one dashboard. We’ve been able to accomplish our goals of efficiently publishing and reviewing patient feedback while continuing to deliver quality healthcare and guarantee our patients that we will go above and beyond to cater to their needs.

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Marketing Manager

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