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September 26, 2019

The ABCs of Managing Online Listings

By: Kayla Zamary

Listings ManagementToday, the vast majority of consumers use search engines and online platforms to find information on businesses, products, places, and events. It goes without saying, but in this landscape, your business simply does not have a chance if it lacks an online presence. Of course, ensuring that customers can find you depends on more than just having online listings. At the very least, your listings must be accurate, consistent and optimized for search engine use. Mismanaged business listings and citations can wreak havoc across your entire organization, leading to missed revenue and decreased online consumer engagement potential.

Managing online listings can be challenging and especially for organizations with multiple locations. Attempting to maintain accurate listings manually is an uphill battle that can take resources and productivity. Fortunately, with the right approach and technology, you can keep all of your online listings up to date and easy to find. It all begins with the basics. Here we will go over the ABCs of managing online listings.

A is for Automation, Analysis, and Accuracy

Automated processes can transform the way you approach managing your online listings. Rather than waste hours manually searching for, examining and updating your various listings and citations, Binary Fountain’s Listings Management technology can automatically track this data and report it back to you. Better yet, this feature can also assist with your online reputation management, analyzing local reviews and star ratings across your organization. The Listings Management feature also helps you maintain accurate listings. If you change locations, hours or other relevant information, this tool will ensure that these changes are promptly and properly reflected in each of your listings.

B is for Boosting Visibility via Better SEO

Your listings can be as accurate as possible, but if no one can find them, you still have a major problem. A crucial component in managing your online listings effectively is ensuring they are well-optimized for search engine inquiries. You want your business to show up in both branded and unbranded relevant searches. More importantly, you want your business to appear towards the top of search results pages, where most users look and click before moving on. Binary Fountain’s Listings Management tool can increase visibility across search engines, social networks, maps applications and more so you can increase customer engagement on every digital platform.

C is for Claiming Your Listings

It may seem obvious, but if you want to control your online listings, you need to own them first. The more locations you have, the more listings you have to claim. As previously mentioned, this process can become tedious and overwhelming when done manually. With Binary Fountain’s Listings Management solution, you gain control over your listings, no matter where they are or which platform they are on. This feature allows you to accurately publish location data to 420+ directories in over 50 countries so no stone is left unturned and nothing is left up in the air.

Don’t Forget D: Duplicate Removal

When claiming and managing online listings, certain conflicts may arise. These conflicts are often due to duplicate listings, where more than one organization claims a location for one reason or another. Duplicate listings can lead to reputation management and customer engagement concerns, as consumers may get confused about where your business is located, how it has been reviewed, the services and products it offers, etc. There are various ways to solve these errors or disputes, but it can take time and experience to resolve them properly. Binary Fountain’s full-service Listings Management solution includes duplicate listing removal and ownership conflict resolution to mitigate these issues.

Binary Fountain covers both the basics and the nuances of online listing management. With our Listings Management product, you can optimize your discoverability, lock down your data to ensure accuracy on a daily basis and drive more consumers to your various locations.

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