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November 05, 2020

[Webinar Recap] Tips for 2021: Social Media’s Biggest Opportunities

By: Kieran McQuilkin

webinar-tips-2021-social-mediaYour healthcare organization’s social media presence has never meant more to your bottom line: Consumers are using social media to find physicians 300% more than they did in 2017.

In this on-demand webinar, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing co-founder Kelley Knott joins Binary Fountain to discuss the greatest opportunities for healthcare marketers to leverage social media, engage local consumers, and drive new patient revenue.

In just 15 minutes, Knott lays out the trends and opportunities in social media that will impact healthcare marketers the most in 2021. She covers monitoring and influence the online conversation around your brand, which platforms offer the best value for healthcare marketing budgets, how to involve physicians in your brand’s social media activities, and much more.

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Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

Create Trending Social Media Content

Social media is providing more and more opportunities for healthcare providers as patients move to digital platforms.

To become a thought leader in your practice’s specialties, marketers need to create engaging content with expert authority and original insights. And originality is key, Knott says: The biggest social content mistake healthcare providers make is posting about too many other blogs and sources, driving patients away from your website and listings.

To stay authentic and original, Knott recommends that healthcare marketers divulge their organization’s secret sauce: “Be the expert – give away your secrets to create real value for your audience.”

In terms of format, video is king for consumer engagement. Knott recommends keeping social media videos under 2 minutes, and don’t forget about captions. Consumers like to read first, then will add volume later if they’re interested.

Knott says to be creative with content, with a mix of how to’s, videos, FAQs and visuals. Providers and patients should be the stars, when appropriate – consumers want to see and hear from the specialists and patients themselves.

Your content can take many forms on social media, but it should be visually engaging: “Share x-rays, surgical images, before-and-after pictures,” Knott said. “We want to see the blood, guts and gore.”

Best Social Media Platforms for Healthcare

Healthcare marketers should pick the social platform that works best for their brand, then repackage high-performing content on the other platforms to see what works.

Knott’s favorite platform for healthcare marketing is LinkedIn, due to its filters, searches and networking. Facebook is even better for patient-centric content, and it has a review system that helps engage consumers.

On both Facebook and LinkedIn, groups are great ways to spread your message. Or, as Knott puts it, “the riches are in the niches.” Support groups for specific conditions, for example, are important for patients and members appreciate hearing from your healthcare experts.

Twitter, meanwhile, is a great way to grow your audience through trending hashtags. And Instagram is a highly significant platform for practices with aesthetic videos/images to share, such as plastic surgery, weight loss or dermatology.

Involve Physicians and Boost ROI in 2021

Knott also offers tips for involving physicians in social media and getting the most ROI for time spent creating content.

Marketers should find out which content matters most to a provider’s audience and patients. Then, make it easy for them when you point and shoot the camera – “so all physicians have to do is talk about what they know best.”

Knott recommends advertising value-based content on social media that patients can opt into, such as cheat sheets, quizzes and other downloads. Further down the funnel, they can engage more with organic blogs and long-form materials, completing what she calls the “Know, Like, Trust” relationship.

And there’s much more. Watch the 15-minute webinar on demand:

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