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May 16, 2019

How VITAS Healthcare Responds to 100% of Online Reviews

By: Kayla Zamary

VITAS HealthcareHow do you get started with managing your organization’s reputation online when you only have a few reviews—if any at all?

In Thursday’s webinar, “How VITAS Healthcare Responds to 100% of Online Reviews,” we spoke with a leading hospice care organization that went from struggling online to generating 20% more reviews year over year, and how their initiatives to build up their online reputation subsequently increased patient engagement.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from our conversation with VITAS Healthcare:

Optimize listings on Google and benchmark analytics across multiple locations

How are consumers searching for you and finding your business information? Most of them are finding you on Google, and most of those people that are searching online will not look beyond what is found on a Google My Business profile, ultimately skipping over your website.

According to the search engine tracking site StatCounter, Google currently takes up 91% of search market share. In addition, research from HubSpot tells us that 75% of online searches stop after the first page of results.

People trust Google to put the most relevant information in front of them so they don’t have to spend time digging for it themselves. It makes sense then that when a business puts a large number of information and reviews available online to the public, Google will prioritize them in their searches.

By making Google reviews a priority to their organization, VITAS was able to increase Google reviews by 52% and subsequently increased total positive online reviews by 10%.

Generate more online reviews by experimenting with new patient engagement strategies

To get more reviews, you have to be open to all channels of communication with your patients–including text messaging.

According to some new reports, text messages are proving to be a much more efficient channel of communication between consumers and providers. Studies show that 90% of text messages are opened, compared to email open rates of only 20%. Likewise, texts will get responses 45% of the time compared to only 6% of marketing emails.

Continue testing different channels to see what works best for your organization and your patients.

No matter what niche your organization serves, reviews will impact your business

Personal feedback from the people you serve is one of the most valuable pieces of information you can obtain to influence positive change within your organization. Here are some simple ways to increase review volume so you can gain even more insights into your facilities and providers:

  • Create templates for onsite staff – creating an email template for staff to share will take the onus off your marketing team to chase down reviews and gives people more opportunities to respond.
  • Hang posters and distribute handouts with your online profiles clearly displayed – this will increase awareness and provide a reminder for patients to respond.
  • Let customers know that their feedback helps you improve and helps potential customers learn about you.
  • Launch an email or SMS campaign.

To view all of the insights from this webinar, download the presentation here.

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