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October 21, 2019

What are the Best Doctor Review Sites?

By: Kayla Zamary

doctor-review-sitesConsumers have access to more information than ever before to find the right doctor for their care. Both generalized and specialized review sites host multitudes of doctor reviews and ratings that potential patients can browse at their leisure.

In recent years, this activity has become an integral part of the physician selection process, as about 60% of patients start their search online, and 40% rely on online reviews to find a doctor, according to Binary Fountain’s 2019 Consumer Healthcare survey.

As a consumer, it is easy enough to find feedback from other patients regarding nearby healthcare providers. A simple Google search can yield results from a number of review platforms, including Google itself.

But if you are a healthcare provider, you need to know exactly where potential patients are going to write and read reviews about you. Neglecting any one of these popular doctor reviews sites ultimately hurts your chances of acquiring new patients. Also, failing to see a review can harm your reputation as well as keep you in the dark on methods for improving patient experience as a whole.

There are many healthcare review sites out there, and the list is growing (not to mention the social media platforms and general review sites that reveal healthcare feedback, too). Rather than cover them all, here we will list the doctor review sites that receive the most attention (in no order) and yield the best information for healthcare providers to use.


ZocDoc attempts to streamline the entire healthcare process by allowing patients to find providers, book appointments, fill out health forms digitally and, of course, leave reviews and ratings. While providers cannot know whether patients will always leave positive online reviews, this site helps doctors gain reviews by requesting feedback from every patient after a doctor visit. In many cases, the number of reviews a doctor has matters just as much as (if not more than) their sentiment (positive or negative) when it comes to patient decision-making.


Vitals also aims to be a single source for health information, with over 1 million physician profiles currently on the site. Patients can break down their doctor search in terms of practice, insurance accepted, location and more. Upon finding a physician, the patient can view their profile, complete with name, address and phone information as well as book an appointment, read more about the provider, view the provider’s reviews and read any quick facts. The platform currently boasts over 9 million reviews and ratings.


Healthgrades is similar to Vitals in many ways, allowing users to categorize their search and containing a comparable number of reviews and profiles on its platform. However, this site is unique in that it also allows healthcare providers to advertise their practice in an effort to reach more patients. Healthgrades also has resources to help providers increase positive online reviews by sending postcards and emails to previous patients, encouraging them to leave a review on the site.


Creating a profile on RateMDs is a must for proper healthcare reputation management. One of the more intuitive doctor review sites, RateMDs has a knack for knowing what patients truly care about. In addition to the site’s more than 1 million reviews, the platform’s five-star physician rating system is broken into categories like Punctuality, Helpfulness and Knowledge. Patients can chime in specifically on things like cleanliness, treatment from the staff and overall value, too.


CareDash’s goal is to improve the patient’s experience while searching for their next doctor. Patients can browse doctor profiles and compare doctor ratings and reviews, as well as leave feedback from their own experiences. Claiming your CareDash profile will help you gain trust from potential patients as well as make it more likely for a patient to book an appointment with you.


What Wellness.com lacks in elegance, it makes up for in sheer information and functionality. Online users can find everything they need when looking for providers and doctors on this platform, from accepted insurance to education history to special services and so much more. Wellness.com offers three tiers for providers who wish to create a profile. The latter two options include tools for featured advertising, boosting search engine presence and reputation management.

Capture Insights from Reviews Across all Platforms

The six doctor review sites outlined above may be among the best, but they are not the only places patients go to leave feedback. For instance, Facebook and Google, while not specifically healthcare review sites, are visited more than any other review platform and carry a large number of physician reviews. With so many disparate places for reviews and ratings, healthcare providers may struggle to gather and analyze all of this data.

This is where online reputation management solutions come into play. Binary Fountain’s platform allows organizations access to all of their online reviews and survey data in one place in order to help improve operations, keep up with local competitors, and acquire new patients. So, no matter where your patients talk about you, you will be able to see it all and make changes accordingly.

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