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June 16, 2020

What is Review Generation?

By: Kayla Zamary

review-generationOnline review generation, as well as carefully curated review responses, should be a top concern for all digital marketers. Customer reviews and your responses could have a major impact on your business.

Online reviews can either be a massive boon for your business or a huge turn off to potential customers. Consumers use online reviews to do everything from finding a doctor in their city to buying a book on Amazon.

The quality and quantity of online reviews can also impact your local SEO search results. Search engines want to offer their users high-quality results, so they favor businesses with many positive reviews. Plus, having better reviews gives consumers a reason to trust your service or product over your competitors.

Review generation and management can help you stay a step ahead of your competition and dominate the search results. We’ll show you how to get more reviews and effectively manage them.

What is Review Generation?

Review generation is the process of getting more online reviews on your business listings’ review sites. This includes sites like Google and Facebook, among other industry-specific ones like Apartments.com and HealthGrades.

Different review sites have unique rules regarding the solicitation of reviews to ensure authenticity and fairness, so be sure you are following their best practices before asking customers for reviews.

Here are links to some of those guidelines:

Generally, platforms require reviewers to focus on the product or service offered by the business and follow their community standards.

How to Get More Reviews

ebook-guide-attracting-reviewsHere are a few strategies for getting more online reviews:

  • Ensure you have claimed and are managing all of your organization’s online listings for top review sites in your industry
  • Ask your customers to leave online reviews about their experiences to show that you care about their feedback
  • Add links on your website and other marketing channels to make sure your review sites are prominently shown
  • Send SMS messages asking for them to review your business
  • Ask for feedback with surveys on your website or in the office
  • Encourage customers to check-in to your locations on Facebook or other location-based social media platforms

Make sure you aren’t pushing your customers to only give positive reviews, as this can violate many review sites’ guidelines. You should always ask customers for their real opinions rather than what you hope they will say.

Google and Facebook track a user’s location in real-time and ask them to check-in or review the location visited. The service will then send them a notification up to 48 hours later asking how their experience was. If you can encourage your customers to check-in, you can get reviews without asking.

Turning Negative Reviews Into a Positive Asset

If you do get a positive review, thank the reviewer and make sure to encourage them to come again.

If you do get negative reviews, don’t panic! Responding to negative reviews the right way can potentially turn lemons into lemonade.

Just because you received a negative review doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around. A negative review, much like a survey, is an opportunity to learn from mistakes and improve your customer’s experience. In fact, review sites recommend being proactive in engaging with customers, especially to address negative comments.

Think about it from the consumer’s perspective—if a business is willing to take the time to apologize to an unhappy customer and tell them they will fix the problem, that should encourage that customer to come back and try the product or service again.

Review Generation Improves your Brand Reputation

In the digital age, perception is reality.

82% of consumers report reading online reviews for local businesses. That means that reviews are incredibly important for how people view your brand’s reputation.

If you run a healthcare clinic, people want to know that their doctor has a good bedside manner. Apartment hunters may be researching a property management company’s reputation before deciding to tour your property.

If you haven’t been proactive with your online reputation, there’s no time like the present to start.

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