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Mobile Testimonials Multifamily

Mobile Testimonials

Promote your brand by increasing positive online reviews.

Unfortunately, many organizations lack reviews or receive negative reviews – potentially affecting revenue. Binary Fountain’s mobile testimonial module, available as an add-on for Social Compass, helps boost online reputation by enabling staff to quickly send text messages to residents requesting consumers to leave reviews online.

Increase Response Rates.

Research shows text messaging click-thru rates average 36%. Staff can help boost responses by requesting testimonials at the end of the lease-terms.

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Deep Patient Analytics

Measure Performance.

Track conversions rates, overall and average star ratings, and new review totals. Segment by time frame and property. Incentivize staff competition with a personal invite leaderboard.

Strategically Target Review Sites.

Request consumers to post reviews to select sites, like Google and Facebook, where you want to raise brand presence – or increase reviews.

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Save Time

Save Time, Get Results.

Spend less time promoting your brand. Mobile testimonial wizard and management tools make it easy to setup and reuse your campaigns.

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