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April 15, 2020

Zingtree Partners With Binary Fountain to Launch New Solutions for Healthcare Community to Fight COVID-19 Crisis

zingtree-covid-19REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 15, 2020

Zingtree, the enterprise decision tree technology platform, has launched a new self-serve COVID-19 self-assessment tool. The platform empowers healthcare providers to deliver information related to COVID-19 to their community in a matter of hours, breaking down complex information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into bite-size chunks to effectively direct people to the appropriate next best action for care. Zingtree has created ready-made templates with information from the CDC for providers to make a copy, edit, and launch on their own website.

For example, a healthcare provider could direct patients to check their symptoms and then – depending on the results – redirect them to a link to schedule a test at their facility. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the tool could be customized to recommend specific instructions for self-quarantine, home, or urgent care.

The idea for a COVID-19 self-assessment tool emerged when 12 Zingtree clients built decision trees to address their immediate needs. One such client was The Department of Health and Human Services of Victoria, Australia, (DHHS) which publicly launched a Zingtree decision tree in the span of two days. The DHHS web team used Zingtree to transform a complicated online form into a user-friendly interactive self-assessment tool on their emergency website. In the first week, the page generated 100,000 hits with 3,000 hits per minute at its peak. Zingtree’s ability to enable users to follow paths based on their questions or symptoms and get relevant information was crucial to DHHS’ efforts to serve the public. You can learn more about DHHS’ success in this Case Study.

Additionally, Zingtree has partnered with Binary Fountain – a leading provider of customer experience (CX) and online reputation management platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations and small- and medium-sized businesses – to offer the Zingtree self-assessment tool to more than 275 healthcare providers nationwide. “Health systems need a lot of help right now and patients are seeking clarity. When we saw the capabilities of Zingtree and how quickly it could be deployed, we immediately thought of our clients,” said Andrew Rainey, Binary Fountain’s executive vice president of strategy and corporate development.

“In these challenging times, we at Zingtree are motivated and inspired to have the opportunity to play a small role in addressing COVID-19,” said Zingtree CEO Juan Jaysingh. “We have proven software capabilities that are easy to deploy with flexible functionality to focus on COVID-19 solutions so we can give our full support to all healthcare providers during these difficult circumstances.”

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues in the US, the Zingtree team plans to build additional tools to support the industry. Said Jaysingh, “Zingtree’s biggest strength is its speed and flexibility to adapt to any situation that involves decisions and a coordinated plan of action. We are working closely with our healthcare customers as we continue to provide the right approaches to addressing the problem.”

About Zingtree

Zingtree is the no-code decision tree and process management software that guides users to their next best action. Zingtree’s platform enables organizations to save time and money by standardizing operating procedures, identifying customer issues, and taking action as quickly as possible to create world-class user experiences. Over 700 customers worldwide including Amazon Ring, AWS, August Home, Babylon Health, Change Healthcare, CVS Health, Dropbox, Expensify, Experian, Farmers Insurance, Hilton, Kaiser Permanente, Moffitt Cancer Center, Peloton, Ricoh, and Ticketmaster, use Zingtree. For more information, visit www.zingtree.com.

About Binary Fountain

Binary Fountain provides the leading customer experience and online reputation management platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations and small and medium-sized businesses. Anchored in its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the cloud-based platform mines customer and employee feedback from surveys, online ratings and review sites, social media and other data sources to equip organizations with actionable insights needed to improve brand loyalty, increase engagement, attract new customers and drive sustainable bottom-line results. On a mission to help companies grow their business and create better customer experiences, Binary Fountain serves various industries including healthcare, hospitality, retail, automotive and financial services. For more information, visit www.binaryfountain.com or follow on Twitter @binaryfountain.

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