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Employer Brand Analytics

Employer Brand Analytics

Manage Your Employer Brand and Culture.

Binary Fountain’s Employer Brand solution gathers and analyzes employee feedback from surveys and online review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. A unified dashboard provides insights necessary to improve employee satisfaction, strengthen company culture and recruit new talent.

Save time for your human resources staff using comprehensive brand management software tailored for enterprise brands. Give brand managers and recruiters real-time insights that drive operational changes and improve your online reputation.

Unified Brand Management Dashboard

Save time monitoring online reviews with a unified dashboard showing real-time employer brand feedback across multiple review platforms.

Analyze your brand’s star ratings and review trends, and quickly identify your weaknesses and strengths across employee reviews. Feedback from Glassdoor and Indeed is collected and processed by natural language processing (NLP) technology to inform employee satisfaction and hiring initiatives.

Holistic Platform
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Deep Analytics for Employee Reviews

Identify, understand, and fix employee engagement problems throughout your organization by uncovering meaningful insights from unstructured comments.

Binary Fountain’s employer brand software analyzes employee reviews for sentiment and sorts them into employee satisfaction categories. Our platform automatically finds the root cause of employee satisfaction gaps, providing intelligence to brand managers that drives operational changes.

Online Service Recovery

Manage and improve your employer brand across review platforms by showing current and potential employees that you value employee feedback.

Respond to employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed from a single dashboard. Set up alerts to facilitate quick service recovery on negative reviews and improve perception of your brand.

Online Review
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Benchmarking and Custom Reporting

Reporting tools make it easy to benchmark employer brand internally across all your enterprise locations.

Share competitive reports to improve employee satisfaction and highlight successes. Schedule custom, recurring reports with real-time data to keep your organization informed on brand management initiatives.

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