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Social Media Management

Manage Your Social Media Presence in One Place

Manage, schedule and publish messages to multiple social media channels, enabling your organization to control the conversations around your brand. Monitor over 60+ million sites, listening to customer conversations on social media platforms as well as news feeds, blogs, and forums.


Customizable Alerts

Set alerts based on mentions or keywords so you can stay on top of any online situations before they become bigger issues.

Targeted and Broad Messaging Options

Reach audiences immediately on multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Messages can be blasted across all accounts or individually tailored for each profile.

Save time with Scheduled Posts

Schedule social media posts minutes or months in advance to reduce stress and workload of staff, allowing them to address more pressing tasks and concerns.

Track Key Phrases

Follow audiences on multiple channels using popular social media platforms, news sites, blogs and forms. Track brand mentions and sentiment with specific keywords or phrases.

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