2020 Healthcare Consumer Engagement Survey | Binary Fountain

2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement Survey


Healthcare consumers are sharing more information than ever about their experiences with providers, facilities, listings, and all aspects of the patient journey.

As the digital customer experience changes at every touchpoint – from search to scheduling to surveys – healthcare professionals must understand what consumers need each step of the way.

For the fourth consecutive year, we asked consumers about their preferences and experiences to bring you the results of our 2020 Healthcare Consumer Insight & Digital Engagement survey. In this e-book, you will find the consumer trends and behaviors shaping today’s healthcare industry and analysis to fuel your strategies for years to come.

You will discover:

  • Where patients find healthcare information online and which factors matter most to their decision-making process.
  • How reviews and ratings are influencing consumers, and where they leave feedback about providers.
  • The impact of search engines, social media, and healthcare-specific review sites on your brand reputation.
  • Growing opportunities to engage consumers online and attract new patient revenue.

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