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Guiding Consumers from Digital Front Door to Conversion

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On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 40 Minutes

The most effective healthcare marketers own the patient experience. It begins with the consumer’s first interactions through search and social media and continues with exposure to online ratings and reviews through to goal conversions and access to care.

Hosted by strategy leads at Binary Fountain and True North, this webinar will teach you how to power the consumer journey by combining content, reviews and SEO tools to create a frictionless online experience.

Aaron Clifford and Jane Crosby will break down how COVID-19 has shifted priorities for healthcare marketers, the state of content marketing in the medical industry, and how to meet patients at the “moment of truth” in their decision-making process. They’ll discuss ways to use marketing content and reviews to turn prospects into patients through strategic calls to action, and how patient feedback data can inform your listings and reputation strategy.


  • Jane Crosby, VP of Business Development, True North
  • Aaron Clifford, SVP of Marketing, Binary Fountain
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