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Healthcare Crisis Communications: Lessons Learned Through COVID-19

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Duration: 30 Minutes


For healthcare organizations in today’s climate, it’s all-hands on deck with the influx of patients and inquiries related to COVID-19. What can we learn from the early ways that we’ve handled our patient communications, and how can we improve as this crisis continues to unfold?

In this upcoming webinar, our new partners at Zingtree join Binary Fountain to discuss learnings from working with health organizations like the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services, and how they’ve helped manage health services communications without using up the valuable time of frontline staff and providers.

We’ll highlight the uses and benefits of Zingtree’s interactive decision tree software, which allows healthcare providers to deliver the right information to the community by embedding an interactive guide on their website, specifically for COVID-19 crisis communications.

You will learn about:

  • The benefits of decision trees for administrative workflow and patient experience.
  • Examples of decision trees in action and how to use them in communications.
  • Specific support Zingtree is offering to Binary Fountain clients.


  • Guillaume Tarralle, Account Director, Binary Fountain
  • Brad Schieber, Vice President – Sales, Zingtree
  • Debbie McCormick, Customer Success, Zingtree

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