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Survey: How COVID-19 is Shifting Priorities for Healthcare Marketers

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ebook-covid19-survey-healthcare-marketingHealthcare marketers are having to reprioritize and reallocate resources as COVID-19 impacts staffing and crisis communications take center stage.

How are department leaders responding and refocusing their strategies in this fast-changing digital healthcare landscape? 

To answer that question, we surveyed more than 300 healthcare marketing professionals across the U.S. and published the results in our latest e-book. Inside, we explore key findings from our survey about how the industry’s priorities are shifting, from staff reallocation and budget-cutting to patient communications and long-term marketing projects. 

For insights on how the healthcare world’s top marketers are pivoting and reprioritizing initiatives during the crisis, download the e-book: “How COVID-19 is Shifting Priorities for Healthcare Marketers”.

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