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Defining the New Digital Front Door

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With 77% of consumers searching online before making an appointment with a provider, health care marketers are building the “digital front door” to help engage and acquire them. But what does a digital strategy look like for this when there are multiple touchpoints a consumer experiences before selecting a provider? This panel will help define the elements needed to align your digital marketing with a person’s journey to care.

In this webcast, presenters will discuss:

  • Top of the funnel entry paths–search (organic/PPC), local listings and third-party reviews–and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • What to consider for provider profile pages, “first-party” online reviews and appointment requests.
  • Metrics needed to help evaluate the progress of your program.
  • The lessons applied from this webcast can aid in optimizing your marketing strategy and investment and help patients in your community make one of their most important health decisions—finding the best services for their care.


Chris BoyerChris Boyer
Director, Digital Strategy and Analytics
Fairview Health Services


Blake Long
Director, Marketing Technology and Strategy
UnityPoint Health


grace-jones-healthcare consumerismGrace Jones
Consumer Brand Manager
Dayton Children’s Hospital

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