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5 Updates to Google My Business Impacting Digital Marketers

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On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 30 minutes

Google My Business logoWith a constantly changing SEO landscape, it’s not easy for digital marketers to stay up to date on policies and trends shaping their reputation in the eyes of the world’s largest search engine. Fear not – we gathered information on the newest, most relevant updates for our upcoming webinar.

In this webinar, we will discuss the latest changes to Google My Business and what they mean for online marketing in 2020.

You will learn how to:

  • Use new Google My Business features, including zero-click searches, local 3-packs and the Google Knowledge Panel.
  • Adapt to changes in Google’s cookies policy and third-party reviews policy.
  • Use other new GMB features that are gaining importance in 2020.
  • Find opportunities for online reputation growth through local search and SEO.


  • Hannah Borchik, Customer Success Manager, Binary Fountain
  • Emma Cook, Digital Media Manager, Gene B. Glick Company
  • Joy Hawkins, Owner, Sterling Sky Inc.

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