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Guide to Managing Your Healthcare Organization’s Employer Brand


While marketers create communication plans to attract and retain consumers and build a valuable brand reputation, HR professionals need to do the same to engage and retain top employees.

In healthcare, employer brand is particularly critical given the positive impact that better talent and higher employee satisfaction have on care outcomes. When employees are happy and productive, the organization’s brand, reputation and business goals are all supported.

The outcomes are measurable and real: Employee engagement drives both healthcare quality and financial returns.

Managing your organization’s reputation on recruiting platforms and review sites will be an increasingly important component of your business strategy in the months and years ahead.

To break down the landscape of employer branding in today’s healthcare industry, we cover the following:

  • Understanding the impact of employer brand on recruitment and retention of healthcare talent.
  • Collecting and analyzing employee reviews across Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.
  • Prioritizing your employer branding efforts and maximizing ROI for online reputation management.
  • Building your online presence and authority as a company of choice for healthcare professionals.

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