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How Baptist Health Increased Review Volume by 320% in 6 Months

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baptist-health-south-florida-logoThis case study highlights how Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF) increased its review volume with Mobile Testimonial campaigns. The campaign showed significant positive results within 30 days with higher Google ratings and increased patient volume. 

BHSF is one of America’s preeminent healthcare institutions, with more than 23,000 employees and 4,000 physicians in virtually all specialties. 

Headquartered in Coral Gables, Fla.Baptist Health includes 11 hospitals and 100 outpatient centers, urgent care facilities and physician practices spanning across Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward and Palm Beach counties. In 2019, it recorded 327,000 urgent care center visits and total patient encounters just under 1 million.


The Problem

Baptist Health’s immediate need was capturing reviews across its locations, responding to those reviews, and providing service recovery. The marketing team’s digital advertising campaigns were spending too much budget with little impact on urgent care facilities, which had historically low ratings on review sites. 

Baptist Health provided monthly reports to its operations team including the types of patient feedback coming in. Its urgent care team recognized those locations’ historically low star ratings on Google Reviews, with the impression that positive reviews were few and far between. 

The urgent care centers’ review volume was low at many locations and better at others, ranging from eight to 130. Consumers searching for urgent care near me on Google were not frequently seeing Baptist Health listings, says Valeska Valencia, who runs the healthcare organization’s social media and reputation management strategies. 

We weren’t asking people to leave reviews, so we didn’t have an accurate snapshot of our customers’ experience. But how do you know it’s negative if you don’t ask? 

It was clear to Valencia that Baptist Health needed to generate more reviews for its urgent care centers to improve their star ratings and search rankings. The healthcare organization engaged Binary Fountain, who already supplied its review management solution, to launch a Mobile Testimonials campaign.


The Solution

Baptist decided to launch SMS text campaigns asking for reviews across its urgent care locations, using Binary Fountain’s Mobile Testimonials solution. 

The marketing department used Binary Fountain’s review management platform to pull review data from urgent care locations. It used that feedback data to figure out which locations to target for improvement and to pitch the review generation campaign to operations teams. 

“Once we got buy-in from the operations team, and laid out all the benefits of the campaign, they wanted to get started right away,” Valencia says. 

BHSF Mobile TestimonialTo choose which review platform these text campaigns should target, Baptist Health used Binary Fountain’s platform to see where its urgent care customers were leaving reviews.

Google was where we were hurting, and that’s where people are searching for urgent care facilities and leaving reviews,” Valencia says. 

Fueled by insights from Binary Fountain, the department decided this campaign would ask patients to leave reviews on Google for maximum ROI. For the best potential conversion rate, text messages were an easy choice over email. 

Baptist Health worked with Binary Fountain to craft the messaging, using examples from our clients, and soon after began sending texts to patients.

“[Setup] was a three- or four-step process, it was very easy,” Valencia says. “And doing mobile testimonials specifically for Google made it a seamless process for the user.”

Baptist Health started its first mobile testimonial campaigns in December 2019 with a goal of reaching a minimum 4.0 star rating and 100 reviews for each locationThe campaigns showed significant positive results within 30 days, and have continued strongly since then.


The Results 

These are results from Baptist Health’s Mobile Testimonial campaigns at two dozen urgent care locations.

Review Volume

In six months, the text messaging campaigns delivered a 322% increase in online reviews across urgent care facilitiesgrowing from 1,500 to 6,300. More than 90% of locations using Mobile Testimonials now have more than 100 Google reviews, with an average of 353 reviews.

“Every piece of it was successful,” Valencia said, “especially the number of reviews that each location now has.”

Baptist Health reports that it is getting ranked higher on search results because of the text campaign, given reviews’ impact on search rankings. It also hasn’t seen any negative impact on Press Ganey survey results from the new emphasis on Google reviews. 

The influx of new reviews also gave Baptist Health an immediate opportunity to grow as a business, Valencia says. 

“There’s no more guessing about how people feel. These are real-time reviews, which means real-time service recovery, and that makes a direct impact on the location and the organization.”

Google Star Ratings

Out of 22 urgent care centers using Mobile Testimonials, just five started with a Google star rating above 4.0. Now, every location has a 4.3 Google star rating or above. 

With an average conversion rate of 15.2%, the campaigns increased ratings by an average of 0.8 stars in just six months – some adding 1.6 stars in that time. 

The two locations with the fewest historical reviews had the highest campaign conversion rates – 19% and 20% – which multiplied their respective review volumes several times over. With 4.7-star ratings on Google and healthy review profiles, they are both now more visible through SEO and more enticing to prospective patients.

Patient Experience Insights

With a new trove of patient experience data, Baptist Health analyzed the feedback to understand what its urgent care centers can do more of, what they lack, and where they can improve. 

“Before testimonial campaigns, we were guessing what the patients wanted,” Valencia says. “It was eye opening, because patients pointed out things we didn’t even know we were doing wrong, and it gave our operations team an opportunity to fix it.”

Following the success of its urgent care testimonial campaigns, Baptist Health now plans to repeat the process for all outpatient, sameday service lines, eventually running review generation campaigns for all its locations and providers.


Increase Patient Volume with Mobile Testimonials

Baptist knows that we’re living in a world of transparency, especially in healthcare, where consumers want to make informed decisions about whom they trust. It uses Binary Fountain’s platform to strategize where to drive feedback and to gain insights into improving its business. 

The bottom-line improvement is clear, Valencia says: “Patient volume increased – with an easy solution.” 

Read The Full Case Study


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