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KURE Pain Management Improves Online Reviews and Scores by 95% with Digital Patient Surveys

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Kure Pain Management is the Mid-Atlantic’s leading pain management practice specializing in spinal treatments. With 14 locations across Maryland, Delaware and Michigan, it offers comprehensive treatment options for patients suffering with severe pain, and advanced training and education for certified physical therapists and providers to meet wide-ranging needs.

The Challenge

Kure Pain Management knew they wanted to deliver first-rate customer service across their seven healthcare centers, but they didn’t have an effective way to measure patient experience. As a result, they had no idea how their current efforts were performing and believed they were at risk of losing a large number of patients. Nick LaRosa, Kure Pain Management’s Director of Sales and Marketing, leveraged Binary Fountain to help better understand their performance and determine what changes needed to be made to help deliver world-class customer service.

The Initiative

The need to measure and improve their patient experience drove Kure’s patient feedback initiative. “We immediately saw Binary Health Analytics platform as a crucial tool to helping us gain patient feedback, benchmark and track progress,” said LaRosa.

The organization had been using iPads to conduct patient surveys initially, but that revealed itself to be a very time-consuming process. As part of the Binary Health Analytics initiative, Kure switched to digital patient surveys through email campaigns. As a result, Kure increased survey responses, greatly improved office staff time management and uncovered critical data on patient concerns.

Boosting Employee Performance with Patient Feedback 

There was some pushback within the Kure organization before they began receiving the data, but once they did, they were able to use it as a developmental tool and uncover patient experience issues. This became an opportunity to improve operations.

By circulating surveys and scores throughout the organization, physicians were held accountable for their customer service and engaged in a little friendly competition to be the top performing physician. According to LaRosa, “Binary Fountain’s platform helped us reveal and share insights on how patients were really feeling. It was a definite eye-opener.”

“Measurable data is really giving us the drive and baseline to improve the customer lifecycle,” said LaRosa. “For instance, one physician really wanted to review his patient experience scores and feedback. He was a brilliant doctor, but his scores didn’t fare so well in the customer service category. Once he was aware of the areas he needed to improve upon, he went from the lowest scoring physician at the practice to the top scoring doctor by implementing personal changes.”


 With the help of digital patient surveys, Kure greatly improved their customer service by educating staff members and introducing better processes, which significantly increased patient experience and loyalty.

After less than a year, not only did Kure manage to enhance online reviews and scores by 95 percent because of the initiative, but positive reviews increased over 30 percent and patient loyalty increased about 35%.

“The Binary Health Analytics platform has allowed us to measure how we do as a business and provides insights on how we can successfully continue forward,” said LaRosa. “We’ve been able to track performance with automated reports, communicate internally and develop our staff. It’s also improved staff time management, decreased patient wait times and even reduced spending across the organization. We’re striving to become world class and Binary Health Analytics is helping us get there.”

LaRosa continued, “the Binary Fountain Health Analytics platform has helped us improve our reputation and the brand image of Kure Pain Management by increasing transparency with our patients as well as throughout the organization.”

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