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Does Patient Feedback On Online Review Platforms Correlate To Patient Satisfaction Survey Feeds?

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This large health system delivers nationwide medical care at hospitals and multiple practice locations. A leading provider across multiple medical specialties, the large health system (comprised of practitioners and administrative staff) makes millions of patient engagements annually, putting both cutting-edge care and exemplary patient service as top priorities.


Amid continued branch expansion, the large health system identified a mission-critical goal to sustain its reputation as a prominent provider of world-class medical care, delivering an unparalleled visitor experience that both maintained its current patient base and encouraged new patients to visit its national network of medical facilities.


The large health system had one primary challenge: to maintain and enhance the industry-leading patient care excellence that had become synonymous with the brand, while also staying in step with rampant national corporate growth. They recognized that the best way to gain comprehensive insights into current consumer satisfaction levels was to aggregate feedback given directly from the consumers themselves.


The large health system partnered with Binary Fountain to automate data aggregation of both solicited and unsolicited surveys and determine the consistency of patient feedback across both resources. Binary Fountain’s NLP technology broke down patient and social media surveys by both relevant and utilized Common Insight Categories, further classifying information by the number of times a designated category appeared to determine specific data points being quantified in the case study.


Overall, the majority of patient input was positive across all survey formats (social media, inpatient and emergency department) and demonstrated a general correlation between patient feedback from online review platforms and patient satisfaction surveys. However, Binary Fountain’s data proved that structured feedback tends to skew moderately more positive when compared to unstructured replies — a trend that warrants consideration from any healthcare facility seeking to improve consumer satisfaction levels.

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