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Using Consumer Data Analytics to Promote Patient Service Excellence

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Privia Health, a national physician organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, partners with more than 2,400 providers to redefine healthcare delivery for optimized patient acquisition and retention.

The Challenges

Privia Health recognized the importance of helping its providers establish their online brand reputation and leveraging the intelligence of existing digital reviews to drive practice success.

However, the team also understood that aggregating, analyzing and responding to logged reviews is often a challenge for large medical providers who don’t have the necessary time, technology and training for consistent, meaningful management of collected data sets.

The Solution

Privia Health selected Binary Fountain’s reputation management solution, Binary Health Analytics (BHA) to create an online reputation management strategy that sends email alerts based on digital reviews. Every time a physician within the network receives an online review, a notification is sent to the Privia Health consultant working with that specific care center.

Through BHA, Privia Health receives a customized Patient Feedback Score (PFS) that gathered data from both review and social media sites for extensive and comprehensive optics into current brand status, performance gaps and operational disconnects.

The Process

Privia Health implemented BHA for more than 900 physicians across 400 practice locations, pairing the system with its internal consulting team. Every time a designated doctor receives a negative online review, the assigned consultant working with the care center gets an email alert to plan next steps.

Initially, Privia Health consultants would respond to everything with a template response approved by their legal team. However, they recently adjusted their reaction to lower Patient Feedback Scores. Anyone who posts an online review that is ranked unfavorably receives a note thanking them for their feedback and encouraging them to contact the Privia Health Customer Experience Team directly to discuss their experience further.

The Results

BHA delivers several mission-critical benefits to both Privia Health and its partners, including centralized data access across multiple platforms so responding to reviews can be accomplished within one platform. Automated email notifications help Privia consultants stay connected to all of their designated care centers and qualified data can be forwarded to the proper doctors and facilities, allowing them to leverage stored intelligence to affect change.

Within the first year of implementing a reputation management solution, Privia increased its total amount of reviews by nearly 40% and improved Patient Feedback Scores for Scheduling by 77%.

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