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Guide to Reputation Management for Urgent Care Clinics


The growing number of urgent care options available to healthcare consumers is making for a more competitive market than ever. As patients search for efficient, nearby care in times of need, local search visibility and reputation management have come to the forefront of every urgent care clinic’s patient acquisition strategy.

How can your urgent care clinic stand out in crowded local search results and win positioning as your patient’s center of choice?

In this e-book, you will learn how to improve local listings optimization, monitor for and respond to patient reviews, and activate patient experience and local search data. Discover processes to build a robust online presence that converts more searchers to patients, across your brand.

This e-book, “Guide to Reputation Management for Urgent Care,” will cover:

  • Understanding patient intent in search and optimizing your clinics’ local listings
  • Monitoring and managing online reviews, measuring patient experience, and tips for review responses
  • Effective ways to generate new patient reviews and increase star ratings across your outpatient locations

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