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Guide to Review Management for Eyecare and Ophthalmology Clinics


Maintaining an engaged, loyal patient base is a revenue-generating necessity for any eyecare center or ophthalmology office.

Your total review volume, average star ratings, recency of reviews and how your practice responds to feedback all factor into a prospective patient’s decision—and into your online visibility. Not to mention, four out of five patients use online reviews to choose their eyecare provider.

That’s a critically important consideration in this competitive industry, where the compound annual growth rates for independent optometrists (2.8%) and mass retailers (3.1%) are similar, even though the two may be viewed as direct competitors. Ophthalmologists are performing even better, with annual growth of 4-5%. These three vision care industry segments represent an approximately $40 billion market that is projected to grow steadily throughout the next decade.

Monitoring reviews and reaching new patients online requires engaging consumers on multiple platforms, which can challenge even the most efficient healthcare marketing departments. Building and protecting your online reputation takes time, effort and resources that you may feel you just don’t have.

The good news? You do not have to be everywhere at once to build a robust online presence and successful review management strategy.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best ways to manage your reviews, improve listings and search results for your facilities, and measure patient experience using feedback from eye exams and treatments.

As a framework for review management for eyecare and opthalmology clinics, we cover the following:

  • Understanding patients’ care decisions and optimizing listings for local search.
  • Attracting loyal patients by generating, monitoring and responding to online reviews.
  • Collecting, analyzing and displaying feedback to increase transparency and improve patient experience.
  • Leveraging your online reputation to increase eyecare appointments and service-line revenue.

You’ll learn ways to attract more eyecare patients and use their feedback to efficiently increase appointment bookings and revenue for your healthcare organization.

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