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8 Steps to Rewire Customer Relationships Disrupted by Pandemic (ft. Jay Baer)

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Information creates understanding. Understanding reduces perceived risk. And risk reduction spurs purchase. That’s been true for thousands of years. But now, the information our customers used to have about us has vanished, due to the pandemic disruption.

Are you open? Do you sell the same things? How have your procedures changed? Is the price still the same? How does customer service work now?

None of this information is universally known by your customers and prospects any longer. In this next normal, we can assume nothing regarding what customers know about businesses. Which is why you must rewire your customer relationships, starting immediately.

Binary Fountain and Rio SEO have teamed up for a special live presentation that will give you the framework you need to immediately kickstart changes to your customer experience touchpoints.

In this session, you’ll hear from Aaron Clifford, SVP of Marketing at Binary Fountain, as well as Jay Baer. Jay is the founder of the marketing and customer experience consultancy Convince & Convert, author of six best-selling business books, and a Hall of Fame keynote speaker.

You will learn the steps you must follow to: rebuild customer knowledge (including ratings and reviews), retrain your team, reconnect your nurture sequences, and regain your competitive advantage.


  • Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert and best-selling author
  • Aaron Clifford, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Binary Fountain

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